I read this article on the flight home from Hawaii. Read it. Then come back here. My favorite line was the last:

“My space is small. My life is big.”

I read it at the best possible moment of my life. I was so open to it. I had just spent way too much money over the winter yet had spent most of that time traveling. While I was busy filling our place with (cute) crap, I was on the road with all the things I’d ever need right there with me (besides Desh of course) in one suitcase and a carry-on.

This past weekend I spent time purging and throwing away stuff I didn’t need. Bags of clothes to donate. I don’t need 100 old magazines. Also, where did ALL THIS STUFF COME FROM in our office closet? And guess what? I still feel like I have way too much sh*t!

But I’m going to keep on keepin’ on. Onward! To de-clutter and beyond.*

*Okay I’m done.

**Film photos taken on my Pentax K1000

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  • I’ve been feeling this way so much lately. Excited for spring and the chance to declutter and open the windows to fill that space with fresh air!

  • I’m in that same place right now, and just finished reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker which only fueled that same fire! The good news that encourages me through it, though, is that I’m donating things that will bring joy to other people!

  • I love that quote: My space is small. My life is big.

    So true. It’s amazing how much stuff can take over your life, and how little stuff you need to live a good life. Downsizing, decluttering, and living with less is certainly been our path to happiness.

    Onwards and upwards indeed!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • We’re doing the same thing! We would have done it sooner but because we had to move so quickly we didn’t get a chance to purge as much as we wanted. So all that crap moved across the country with us. Ugh. Now we’re going through it all and getting rid of stuff.

    • It’s kind of fun to declutter, isn’t it? Good luck with your spring cleaning! I’m sure it’ll feel so good to get it all done.

  • I clicked the button to pay off my credit card just before reading this NYT article. To have confirmation and encouragement with perfect timing, feels SO good. I’m currently unemployed, I have no home, and I’m about to start a cross-country road trip with my love.This lifestyle is certainly worth more than all the Target trinkets and trendy clothes in the world. ^^

    • That’s AMAZING! Congrats, Whit! Your new adventure sounds so much more wonderful than all those Target trinkets indeed :)

  • i loved this article (and totally disagree with the commentary that it is elitist, but that’s for another day). we just moved and donated car loads of stuff before the move… and keep finding more to donate now that we are getting settled! i still struggle with the need to buy (if i just buy this, i’ll be more organized, can get rid of 6 other things, etc.) but am just trying to remember to be mindful and conscious about the things i do buy.

    • I agree with you- Rita. And I can relate. Was just thinking of how to simplify and my thoughts turned to “What kind of containers/organizers can I buy?” OHHH boy haha.

  • Allie –

    If you don’t want that Christmas squirrel Target trinket anymore… I’m all over it! ;)

  • I’m batching it up right now while my wife spends her sb back home in Minnesota. Shit is everywhere in the house (figuratively, but also sort of literally: the dog pooped in the bedroom out of protest when I locked her in there so she wasn’t underfoot while I added a wine rack to the kitchen).

    I mean, I’m not neat by nature, but, I am becoming increasingly aware that if I have this much crap to pile up, then I simply have too much stuff. so, while mb is gone, i’m covertly pitching shit and donating non-shit like mad. shhh….n

  • Thanks for posting this! I’ve been working lately on getting rid of some of my stuff, and this really reinforced it. I was just thinking the other day about getting rid of my CD collection – because honestly, when was the last time I put a CD on? My entire music collection has become digital. I moved back in with my parents after college, and I’ll be moving out again in a couple months – I don’t need stuff cluttering my space, and making me haul it with me.

    Don’t think I’m getting rid of my books just yet though…but I do get rid of old magazines (actually, now when I read a magazine, I cut out the stuff that interests me, scan it or add it to my recipe book, and then throw it away).

  • I’m in the middle of a massive spring cleaning, and it feels awesome! Lately, I’ve been more attracted to minimalism. :)

  • I’ve been feeling so crowded by ‘stuff’ lately, this post and that article came at the perfect time, thanks for sharing!

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