Are Chill Pills Real?

2013-03-12 19.27.45

Okay that was a super lame blog title but oh well. After having spent time in Jamaica and Hawaii (all within 5 months) – I actually think that chill pills do exist. The people that I encountered on both islands exuded a certain attitude that totally got me hooked. Things like:

  • Authentic enthusiasm to greet and welcome strangers.
  • Open-mindedness.
  • Respect for their peers and coworkers.
  • Pride for where they come from and what they do.
  • A desire to serve.

I’ve felt these people and experiences slowly stir change within me. Less jealously, less bitterness and less stress. And I’m 100% okay with that.

PS: I don’t know that girl in the photo above. But as I posted it, I thought…”How cool would it be if one of my blog readers knows her?” Yeah I’m weird. But seriously, that would be hilarious. 

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Comments (8)

  • hahaha the post title made me laugh…
    when i went to hawaii i totally felt like that, people were so nice. it was such a culture shock!

  • They definitely exist in the form of travel. I find that anytime I get out of my usual groove with the usual pressures & expectations I get knew perspective on the very points you listed. Somehow, by escaping, we can really get a focused glimpse of how good it would feel to be that way all the time. I hope that feeling continues for you for as long as it can! ^^

  • Less jealousy, bitterness and stress sounds awesome! Everyone in America should take a dose of that (including me!)

  • The longer I work in the corporate world, the more I realize I am doing the opposite of taking a chill pill. I love this reminder – Thanks, Allie!

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