A Health Challenge


If you haven’t visited my newest blog, Considering You, yet…you really should. Mary and I launched it a couple weeks ago and we’ve been having SO much fun. We’ve already posted and discussed juicing, vitamin D, magnesium, recipes, health tips + MORE. Yesterday we announced that we’ll be hosting a 2-week health challenge for anyone interested. See the list of challenges below:


Our intent was to slowly easy ourselves into a healthier mindset. No one likes those challenges that are WAY too difficult. You can read more details about the challenge here. If you sign up via the original post (there’s a form in the post where you can fill out your name/email), you’ll get our free (not yet launched) pdf titled: CONSIDERING YOU: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO HEALTH. We haven’t launched the PDF yet so if you sign up for this challenge, you’ll be the first ones to receive it.

This is so low key so feel free to mix up any of the days, start earlier or later or do whatever feels comfortable. We had a few people say they don’t enjoy baths so I encouraged them to go to a sauna, make a DIY face steam or get a pedicure! It’s just about considering yourself first for 14 days straight.

If you do participate, feel free to use the hashtag #consideringyou on Twitter and Instagram! Cheers!

March 5, 2013