NYC Revisited


On Monday I posted what I packed for our trip to NYC. Tuesday I posted some film shots that I took while we were there but realized that I didn’t really expand on our trip or share what we did! Above are some shots that I took on my iPhone since I haven’t developed my second roll of film quite yet. Since I don’t like really long wordy posts, I like writing in bullets so here we go.


The bullets sort of coordinate with the photos (left to right, clockwise-ish):

  • We stayed in Midtown. My parents (who are amazing) let us use their timeshare and we stayed in the penthouse suite. Holla! 
  • Adam and I had a blast. It was a really amazing week/end for us. Looking at art, trying new things, being independent. All good.
  • As for art museums, we only went to the MOMA. I highly recommend it. I was there in 2007 and I forgot how awesome it is.
  • I attended a film photography class taught by Brian Ferry. Such a wonderful experience and really inspiring. He’s a huge reason why I started shooting film.
  • I ate a lot of NYC-style gluten-free pizza. And it was amazing. If you’re ever in Midtown, Don Antonio’s delivers late!
  • I got to eat a really, really amazing fish taco at Dorado Tacos in Greenwich Village.
  • Skip lugging your hair dryer or straighter around and just get blowouts at Dry Bar when you’re there. Ah I love it when people do my hair.
  • If you’re gluten-free, get some doughnuts at Tu-Lu’s Bakery!
  • I got to spend time with one of my best friends, Kellyn. We celebrated her birthday and ate at Saraghina’s in Brooklyn. I got the mussels. Yum.
  • I know I was supposed to photograph my outfits every day in February but I utterly failed. I’m not good at finding legit mirrors, posing cool or really even wearing amazing clothing. I consistently can be found wearing what I wore in New York: sweater, jean leggings, boots OR my pajamas. Ha.

Also, while at the MOMA I decided to only take photos of people looking at the art. Not just the art. Art is cool but it’s a lot more fun to watch people interact with each piece. Enjoy.


I’m pretty sure we’re going back to NYC (Airbnb style) in May or June. Any favorite places we should check out?


February 28, 2013