On Monday I posted what I packed for our trip to NYC. Tuesday I posted some film shots that I took while we were there but realized that I didn’t really expand on our trip or share what we did! Above are some shots that I took on my iPhone since I haven’t developed my […]

Today’s HERE WE GO post is written by videographer Andy Newman. Check out his most recent film: Portrait! It’s amazing. Christopher Nolan (Director of The Dark Knight and Inception) used a particularly good trick on his first film, Following. Since he knew the camera work and audio production weren’

While we spent time in New York City, I only shot 35mm film on my Canon A-1. Here are some of my favorites from my first roll. I still need to finish my second roll so I’ll share the rest of my photos next week. I’ve missed shooting film! It’s almost like a time capsule. […]

Adam and I are travelling a lot lately and before we took our trip to NYC, I tweeted and asked for packing/traveling tips. Diana, who is amazing, emailed me resources, advice and lists that were incredibly helpful. I took in her advice, customized it to my trips and hope to share what I pack for […]

I am beyond thrilled to be launching a whole health blog today with my dear friend Mary Trenda! In a way, it’s been a long time coming. Mary and I met on Twitter last year, met in REAL life in October 2012 and a few months later I jokingly (but seriously) told her that I wanted to […]

I’m in New York City! I’m taking Adam to art museums, eating delicious food, staying in a rockin’ penthouse, hanging out with wonderful pals and more. Recap to follow next week.

Today’s HERE WE GO post is written by videographer Andy Newman. Check out his most recent film: Portrait! It’s amazing. I want to share a few of the basic lessons any hopeful videographer should learn. Much like photography, the best advice is to just get out and shoot shoot shoot but following thes

For most of my life I have felt a certain anxiety. As a kid, it was often prompted while I was away from home. School and sleepovers generally brought out a sense of nausea and I was told that I probably just got homesick a lot. Sure I loved my mom but I felt it […]

Today I’m over on The Influence Network’s blog sharing some of my favorite small business tools! Check it out! I’m gearing up for some quality time with friends this weekend while prepping for the launch of my new business/blog with Mary! Keep your eyes peeled a week from today. In other excit

Another successful city swap and I figured I might as well recap it on Valentine’s Day! You can see the card that I sent above and below you’ll see all the participants submitted photos! I had 88 people participate and hope to do another swap this summer! Stay tuned. Do you have any plans for [&hell

Today’s city guide is brought to you by Kristin of Halifax! Hello and welcome to my neck of the woods – Halifax, Nova Scotia! We’re a quaint little seaport city located on Canada’s far Atlantic coast. But that’s what I love about it the most – we have the luxury of city life and its [&he

Last night I taught my first class through The Influence Network! For an hour, I went over WordPress 101 and we covered A LOT. I talked for 40 minutes straight (while experiencing some audio issues) and then took questions for the remaining 20 minutes! I thought I’d share some of the questions (along with

You can now buy my doodles on Society6. Hope to be adding more this week! It’s a great way for me to sell some of my random stuff without investing the money into printing/paper and the time into shipping. Once you put in your order – Society6  does it all for me! Right now I’m […]

Top to bottom: Design inspiration | Desh, my sis and Veda | My vanity | Candle + Reading  Happy Monday, friends! What are you up to today?  Psst: don’t forget – I’m teaching an online WordPress 101 class tomorrow night! Only $10! Sign up here.

I welcome February with open arms. January flew by and was quite successful. I felt balanced and met business goals. I’m looking forward to accomplishing new ones! If you missed it, you can see my how I accomplished all 3 January goals (here, here and here). So what’s up for February? Here we go: Me