Valentine’s Day City Swap – CLOSED


I had such a great response from my Christmas City Swap that I decided to launch a Valentine’s Day City Swap! I hope to host 4 swaps per year so if this one isn’t for you – there will be more. First of all, you must know that I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day normally. Adam and I only give each other birthday presents and we skip over our anniversary, Christmas and holidays like Valentine’s Day. BUT there is still something lovely and beautiful about flowers, pretty stationery and chocolates. I figure – why not celebrate for the FIRST time with my blog readers? Here’s the rundown:

  • If you want to participate – you’ll be required to come up with a small gift OR a card to send to someone else in another city. All the contents of your basket/package must be local products from YOUR city. For example: I might send someone some stationery from Igloo Letterpress and some local honey (because you’re sweet)!
  • You sign up to participate in the swap by filling out the form below. It will require you to give me your full name, mailing address, email, dietary restrictions and spending budget.
  • I will then match up the participants to the best of my ability and email you all with the person that you’ll be swapping with! You will be matched with someone who chose the same spending budget.
  • Since the Christmas City Swap was a bigger (financial) commitment, this swap will allow you to choose to only send a card or something with a smaller price tag.
  • If you choose “Card Only, Please,” then you card CAN be handmade. You don’t need to find a local stationery line for something like that. Get your creative juices flowing!

Like the last swap – this is about GIVING. I had about 3 people (out of 85) who didn’t receive a gift. While this made me incredibly sad (and I am sending them a little something to make up for it), I do believe in giving without the expectation of receiving. Entering into this swap doesn’t guarantee you anything but I put my faith into my readers and know none of you will skip out!

Anyways, here are a few guidelines, however, to ensure this all works out smoothly:

  1. You must sign up by Friday, January 25th!
  2. You will receive your gift recipient’s information by Monday, January 28th. Feel free to start shopping or planning before you get this information!
  3. Due to the many dietary restrictions these days, please refrain from sending perishable food. Candies or spices are fine.
  4. You must mail your package or card by Monday, February 11th at the latest! Because of this deadline, you might not receive your gift on Valentine’s Day. As a gift giver – keep in mind the location of your receiver and plan accordingly.
  5. Unfortunately – this swap is really only intended for those located in the US since most of my readers are from here. I didn’t want to burden anyone with the cost of shipping. If you DO live in another country, feel free to sign up and if someone else in your area signs up too – I’ll match you! If there’s not a match, I’ll notify you via email. Last swap we had a few from Canada and I was able to match them.
  6. Lastly, if you bail and just flake out – you’re kind of a meanie. Don’t sign up for this if you don’t think you won’t be able to follow through.

January 14, 2013