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Kick off the new year with some reading that will be sure to inspire and motivate. My friend Blaine Hogan (creative director at Willow Creek Community Church) is giving away a hardcopy of his book, Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process, to one of you lovely readers! I read the book last year via PDF but am excited to add it to my physical book collection in 2013.

I love this question from the book: “Are you willing to see this thing through?”

There are many ways to enter:

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In the meantime, download some beautiful desktop wallpapers this January (all inspired by Untitled). The winner will be announced here on this post next Friday morning.

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Comments (22)

  • My creative process would have to be very random. Things come to me at the most random times. I read other people’s blogs for inspiration, twitter, magazines, etc. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Developing an official process (at least for design work) is one of my “to do list” items for the new year – but, generally speaking I find it’s a pretty organic concept + differs depending on what type of creative endeavor I’m undertaking. For example, songwriting has no process (for me) + is more like being run over by a bus (in a completely good way) – typically hits in the middle of the night + involves me grabbing the guitar + scribbling like mad on whatever scrap of paper I can find in the dark! Design work typically involves a lot of inspiration gathering at the onset + then…well, that’s what I’m working on now! :) Thanks for showcasing this book – looks incredible!

  • My creative processes start with getting organized. I have been on a bit of a hiatus while I’m living with my parents because I just don’t have the space. An inspiring work-space gets my creativity flowing and the quality of my work improves when that space is readily available and uncluttered.

  • This is amazing.

    What is your creative process? I am a graphic designer for a church and for me the process really involves collaboration from a team. Once on my own I clear my mind, find perspective, research, doodle, play around with colors, layout, and look. Hopefully after 3 of those I can nail a good look down.

    How do you see your processes evolving in 2013? It’s getting more precise as the more I learn the language of the community around me, it becomes easier for me to sometimes skip over steps that are not needed as much such as research because of the reservoir I can draw from.

    Looking forward to seeing the winner!

  • My creative process? I am still in the stage where I do not know what this is quite yet. I start with a lot of research and looking at examples of other designers work and how they went about tackling the same or similar problem. Then I take some of those ideas and pick my favorite elements from them and try and make something new out of them.

    Another way I get my creative juices flowing is by listening to music or remembering a moment in time that really affected me in whatever way.

  • verpixelt

    At this point my creative process is different on each project. There are a few similarities such as scribbling but most of them are random. I’m looking forward to change this in 2013 to be more productive ;) Maybe this book could help me a lot :P

  • I always love creative inspiration — cool giveaway idea!

  • My creative process is extremely random. With the exception of my 9-5 job in the creative field where I have to do projects whether I feel like them or not-I usually just work when I feel like it on personal projects. This year, as I’m trying to branch out for myself and really making personal business a priority, I see it becoming a little more disciplined. I want to be able to create really great, inspired pieces any time I sit at my desk.

  • I approach every project from a communications design perspective. I assume that something needs to be communicated—whether a message, an emotion, an experience—and that some kind of action or response is desirable. Then I seek to understand these ideas for that particular project, which leads to the need to better understand the intended audience(s). Then I work strategically to determine the best methods to create the opportunities to convey the message and encourage the hoped for response. For me, all of that is wrapped in the ethics of God’s creation, truth and beauty—most evident in the unfathomable creative power of Jesus. Ideally, this entire process is collaborative because I find the multiplicity of perspectives extremely helpful in achieving great creativity. After the direction is clear, I/we just work the project to completion, often asking people who are unfamiliar with it to interact with rapid prototypes, drafts and versions to help us hone it to its final state before producing or releasing it. Then I look for further feedback and cues as to how people interact with it in order to learn and incorporate those lessons in future projects, as well as the creative process itself.

  • Jessica R

    I think 2013 will be a year of figuring out whether I have a creative process or not..if I’m even capable of being disciplined in that way! I welcome any book or ideas that help me on that journey, so thanks for the opportunity to win this book :)

  • I have yet to pin down how it is exactly that my creative process works. I think it’s this exact reason that I don’t feel comfortable taking a lot of the things I’m good at to a professional level- web design, photography, etc. I’d love to read more books this year on creativity, blogging, and marketing – this one would be a good start!!

  • My creative process isn’t much of a process at all…which is something I want to change in 2013. I don’t plan out blog posts like I should. I get inspired by things very randomly and sometimes I blog spontaneously, which isn’t a bad thing but it also does not lend itself for consistency. I think I need a balance between my spontaneous bursts of creativity and really honing a consistent creative process.

  • Awesome! I’m really trying to figure out how to make my creative process more cohesive. Most of my life, it’s been “whenever I feel like it,” but since I just launched my blog I need to start making more of a dedicated effort – that’s really my goal for 2013.

  • Awesome giveaway! Thanks Blain and Allie for this. :) Just participated, hoping to win.

  • I am still discovering my creative process, most projects have ended up creating themselves as they go along.

    Thanks for this Allie!

  • My creative process is very spontaneous. I try to be really logistical about how things appear on the blog, but there are some times when I have a burst of inspiration and have a lot of posts scheduled at a time, and some when it’s a struggle to post everyday or even every other day.

    Going forward, I’d love to be more disciplined about the process, forcing myself to write and seeing what comes of that; there may be small fragments I can salvage if I’m not satisfied with the whole. I’d also like to push myself creatively and work toward an ebook, as a progression (of length, at least) from my blog posts and series.

  • Goodness. I really don’t have an exact formula or process that determines the way I write on my blog or current WIP novel. I’m kinda chaotic; still finding my perfect rhythm, I suppose. I’d really love to become more purposeful, driven, and dedicated to my writing craft in twenty-thirteen.

  • I don’t really have a huge creative process. I usually just start a project when inspiration starts. I do research and make mood boards when I need to do something creative and can’t seem to find the energy for it.
    I’m hoping to have a more solidified way of starting projects and having a reliable source of inspiration!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • MelissaW

    My creative process is way too unorganized, so 2013 is to be the year I get my act together. I fin the best ideas come to me when I’m doing a repetitious, unthinking activity, like on the treadmill or bike, or taking a shower. When my mind is “emptier” there is more room for new ideas.

  • My creative process starts with an idea and goes from there. It’s hard to really determine how it all pans out but I like to think that I’m a creative person.

  • I see my creative process evolving this year as I learn more about the skills I need to create what I imagine. I’ve applied for masters programs but if those fall through, I need to push myself to be more self taught. I think either way, this book would be a lovely companion to my 2013.

  • Still figuring out my creative process, but look forward to using my new blog in 2013 to help me discover what it is! :)

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