January’s New Thing #2: Organize Our Closet

Each month, I choose 3 new things to do! It keeps me from flaking out on year-long goals and makes the start of each month pretty exciting and fresh! One of my things to do in January was to organize our closet! It’s a pretty large closet compared to ones we’ve had in old apartments (plus we have a whole OTHER closet that still needs tackling on the other side of the room).


Here are some shots of it BEFORE. Off season clothing thrown into milk crates, a huge cardboard box of shoes that we used when we moved into this place, and a random assortment of crappy hangers (hanging clothes we never wear).

I had a few goals in mind as I was heading to Marshall’s:

  • Buy felt hangers and only use those from now on (not only are they extremely thin but clothing won’t slip off or crease)
  • Get some type of storage system for shoes and off-season clothing
  • Find an ottoman that also can be used for storing Adam’s shoes (he has a lot!)


Four hours later, I think I did pretty well! We don’t own our townhouse so I’m never going to invest in building additional storage or knocking down any walls. The simple fixes that I aimed for really made a huge difference! I used those cloth bins to store bathing suits, shoes, lingerie, and summer-y stuff on the floor and up above. I also snagged a REALLY cheap white ottoman for about $40 and we now store a lot of Adam’s dressier shoes in there since he rarely wears them day-to-day. I got rid of so many clothes I never wear and all those cheap hangers that were creasing my silk shirts!

It’s not my dream closet but it’s MY closet and I’m pretty impressed with the improvement! What about you? Have you organized or simplified this year at all?

January 15, 2013