Life Lately


I don’t have anything deep to share now that I’ve lived the entire first week of 2013. To be honest – I’ve been taking a lot of time for myself lately. Resting, shopping and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been working (late nights even!) but I’ve kept it balanced pretty 50/50. So here’s life lately (follow me on Instagram to keep the updates coming):

  • Handwritten new year cards
  • Open curtains to reflect the white snow
  • New, bright cable sweater
  • Gold tumblers
  • Quality time with Desh
  • An escape to the wilderness
  • My iPad mini
  • Juice and salad
  • A vintage tray
  • My go-to grey sweater
  • Gold nails
  • Hanging artwork

Tell me about your life lately.

January 8, 2013