Here We Go: Intro to WordPress


One of my new year resolutions is to revive the Here We Go series here on my blog! There are SO many topics to cover when it comes to blogging (whether you’re a beginner or a pro). Today’s post is a bit of a plug but hopefully something that will be helpful to some of my readers!

I’ve recently launched an online class called Intro to WordPress. In it, I teach you how to set up your WordPress blog, navigate the dashboard and start posting! I’m currently teaching my first class, which takes up 4 weeks total, and it’s been really fun so far! I’m excited to learn from this first session and continually improve what I’m sharing.


Here’s an outline of the class broken down by week:

Week 1 – Technical:

Week 2 – Orientation:

  • Using default theme Twenty Twelve
  • WordPress Dashboard

Week 3 – Essential Customization:

  • 5 Things To Do Before Start Posting!
    • Establish Reading Settings
    • Set Permalinks
    • Create Necessary Pages
    • Create Menu + Add Pages
    • Install Akismet

Week 4 – Almost Ready:

  • Posting
  • Media
  • Plugins
  • Widgets

I use GoTo Meeting so we all get to chat face-t0-face (a maximum of 4 people can take the course at once). I record each session and share the video with you all immediately after each class is over so you can review or follow along later. It’s really quite fun and I hope to continue to do it throughout the rest of the year!

The cost? $200

Let’s break it down. I get a lot of potential clients who want me to set up their domain/hosting/Wordpress blog and help to slightly customize an existing WordPress theme. My packages for something like that start around $600. That doesn’t even include me teaching you how to use WordPress successfully! Ultimately, it’s a great way for me to share and instruct multiple people at once and – in turn – you get to walk away with the ability to make updates and navigate the WordPress dashboard yourself.

You can sign up here for February’s course! Feel free to ask questions below or contact me directly.

January 9, 2013