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We have a big bookcase from IKEA that we use horizontally instead of vertically. It allows for us to have some space to display favorite drinks, a cheese slate board, tumblers or food/dips when we entertain. It’s a nice area to style and change every so often. It’s one of the few areas that hasn’t become a dumping place for papers, junk and keys.

Do you have a favorite space in your home? 

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  • I’ve been wanting to take my camera around our apartment, too, but I can never seem to get all the rooms to be clean at once (also have too many dumping places for papers, junk, and keys). I think I’ll have to take it 1 room at a time.

    Also, how do you like the Rumchata and with what do you mix it? I’ve been eyeing it at our local liquor store.

    • I totally understand. I tend to approach each part of our house from a certain angle and when it’s clean.

      I LOVE Rumchata. I actually don’t mix it with anything. It’s smooth enough that it tastes like you’re drinking cinnamon toast crunch milk from the bowl haha.

  • i still can’t get over those tumblers. i love the mid-century gold accents.

    my favorite place in my home: (+ maybe in the whole world) :)

    • Love your favorite corner!! And what a cutie pie dog :) I wish our record player was pretty like yours! It’s so fun to play music with it in the living area.

  • Love that ikea bookcase! Ours is filled with carefully curated/organized toys (at least it makes me feel better to say it like that).

    My favorite place is my kitchen table with farm bench (seen here: It has since been relocated, and often is covered with stuff, but when we clear it and gather friends, it makes my heart LEAP!

    • Your kitchen table looks so inviting!! Don’t worry – ours is always covered with stuff. It’s fun to have and clear off though :)

  • Nice booze table, man. :)

    My favorite room is the only one that’s mostly finished…the kitchen eating area. Everywhere else seems to need more love, so I often find myself sitting and working from the kitchen table–otherwise I get stressed out about all the unfinished baseboards, painting, etc. Plus, this gives me direct access to my larder of Honey Nut Cheerios. Shhh.

    • Your dining room table is AWESOME! Love everything about it. Also – sweet blog. I’ve enjoyed reading through it this AM!

      • Thanks, thats sweet of you (we got the table and chairs on a super cheap sale at World Market)…I’m pretty sure my mother is the only one who reads it, but I guess it satisfies my desire to “create” something. I’d love to take one of your Wordpress classes one day, as I’m dumb as crap on the coding stuff. Every time I fool around with that biz I end up blowing everything up hahah.

  • i love the floorplan of the entire downstairs area of my house. we are very, very sloooooowly updating it (because it was, like, the swinging-est pad in the 70’s but hasn’t been touched since). some days i look around and feel like we haven’t made any progress and then i remember that the entire thing used be covered in maroon and blue shag carpeting and wooden eagles, and i chill out a little bit. baby steps!

  • I love those tumblers, they are fantastic!

    At the moment, my favorite part of my house is my bathroom and that’s because it’s the only part that’s clean and tidy! I’m still decorating and finding my own personal style in the house, so I think it will be a few months yet before I can grab the camera and shoot up some nice pictures.

  • I’m having a hard time time visualizing using the bookcase in the way you described. Any photos you can share?

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