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One of January’s 3 New Things was to create a vanity in our bedroom. A place where I could keep my jewelry and nail polish. A place where I could do my makeup with the help of some natural light. I was looking for a vanity desk/table for the entire month. I would either find something ugly and cheap or others that cost over $500! This past weekend my friend and I walked into one of my favorite shops down the street and THERE IT WAS. The perfect size, the perfect color and only $135! I snatched it up and brought it home. Some little details I’d love to add:

  • A round mirror
  • A cute stool or chair
  • A few pieces to help organize beauty products (on top and in the drawer)
  • Maybe a lamp?

Do you have a space that you can call your own? Sure, I have my whole house but there’s something special about this table already. More photos to follow!

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Comments (16)

  • Oh it’s so pretty! It’s hard to keep all the makeup + accessories in one place…I’ll have to think about adding a vanity to our room! xo, eliza

  • I love this! Growing up, I always had a vanity, and I miss it. When I go home for the holidays, I always find myself at my mom’s vanity, getting dolled up. I find I’m more apt to put on makeup or spend extra time on my hair if I have a little space just for that purpose.

  • It looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted one, but never really had the space. It’s a “One Day” thing when I’m fully settled and have no plans to move for a while!

    • I definitely couldn’t have done it in our old apartment but our new place has such a big bedroom that it was the perfect time!

  • That looks awesome! I had a vanity for ages. My dad made a built-in one for my bedroom growing up and then I always used a table once I moved out. Only recently did I stop using one and I kind of miss it.

  • I have been searching for the perfect vanity as well! What a lovely one you found!!! :)

  • ah… I DREAM of having enough space to own a vanity. It makes no sense really. The fiance has an entire room for himself… I should definitely rearrange some things so I can have a vanity. :]

  • This is what I’m looking for in our bedroom too! I’ve sort of been on the bargain hunt for, like, 3 years now : ) Can’t wait to see more!

  • Yep, this is going on my ‘future things to do when I own a home someday’ list :) Thanks for the inspiration. It’s beautiful :)

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