A Life of Balance


I don’t believe that balance and happiness happen by chance. Just like relationships, careers and hobbies – you have to make an effort and learn from your mistakes. I thought I’d begin sharing a few things each month that keep me feeling balanced in hopes that you’ll share too!

  1. Quinoa: Lately, I can’t get enough of this superfood. I keep a batch in the fridge at all times and add it to salads, dress it up like porridge, substitute it for rice + more. I am going to try this cilantro/quinoa soup next week.
  2. Aeropress: It makes such an amazing cup of coffee and takes 2 minutes. I’ve been drinking a “double shot” every morning. Purchase here.
  3. Work dates at coffeeshops with my husband.
  4. Le Pens: They keep my to-do lists and calendars bright and cheerful. Plus who doesn’t love color coordinated planners!?! (nerd) Love seeing Blogshop using them!
  5. Moleskine journals: I blogged about how I’m journaling again this year and it does so much for my thought processes, prayers + goals. Instagram photo by Brian Ferry.

I don’t often create “curated” type posts. I hardly ever take content from other sites or blogs and re-publish it here. But Be Up + Doing is a place to share (no matter where it’s from) and sometimes my own photos just won’t do! I posted this same post over on Sierra’s new blog (I re-designed it) so head over there to say hello!

How do you work toward staying balanced?

January 25, 2013