I was drawing and listening to the Les Mis soundtrack when I thought I’d create a fun custom type treatment. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. Les Mis – no matter what form – has always inspired me. I downloaded the book onto my Kindle over Christmas and plan to […]

One of January’s 3 New Things was to create a vanity in our bedroom. A place where I could keep my jewelry and nail polish. A place where I could do my makeup with the help of some natural light. I was looking for a vanity desk/table for the entire month. I would either find […]

This post is not a guide. It’s not legal advice. It’s not even really financial advice. It’s more of a commentary, really. A lot of people don’t talk about money and it’s pretty silly. I meet a lot of self-employed individuals and most get pretty quiet when the conversation moves t

I don’t believe that balance and happiness happen by chance. Just like relationships, careers and hobbies – you have to make an effort and learn from your mistakes. I thought I’d begin sharing a few things each month that keep me feeling balanced in hopes that you’ll share too! Quinoa: L

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by Lindsay Mueller! Read Pt. 1 here. Over the summer (which seems so far away now that it’s the middle of January!), I teamed up with Allie to bring you Brooklyn City Guide–and it was so much fun that I decided to do it all over again, this time […]

I don’t take drastic changes when a new year begins. I ease into the year slowly. I’m a detail-oriented person by nature. I don’t tend to think “big picture.” That’s one of the billion reasons I love my husband so much. He likes to dream big and opens my eyes to seeing life o

Wild Beauty is a monthly series curated, written and photographed by Heather of Tea with Me. With a blink of the eye, holiday season is over, but never fear ’tis citrus season! A sea full of pink, orange, yellow, and if you are lucky blood oranges oozing red.  This months Wild Beauty is about the [&helli

I’ll be blogging over at The Influence Network every month and my first post is up! Head on over and read my advice on when YOU should make the jump into the self-employed world of fun! Psst: I’ll also be teaching an hour long Wordpress 101 class on February 5th at 9pm EST through The […]

We have a big bookcase from IKEA that we use horizontally instead of vertically. It allows for us to have some space to display favorite drinks, a cheese slate board, tumblers or food/dips when we entertain. It’s a nice area to style and change every so often. It’s one of the few areas that hasn&#82

I ordered these salt and pepper shakers on One Kings Lane a few weeks ago. Lately, I can’t get enough of silver, bronze and gold. Without making our home TOO feminine, I’ve been slowly introducing small accents into our home and when I saw these – I couldn’t pass them up! In general, I l

This is what my desk looks like when it’s clean. It’s rarely clean because I’m sort of a messy person by nature. Last year, I participated in the “Things I’m Afraid to Tell You” thing that went semi-viral and that was one of my confessions. I’m really good at being clea

One of my new year resolutions is to revive the Here We Go series here on my blog! There are SO many topics to cover when it comes to blogging (whether you’re a beginner or a pro). Today’s post is a bit of a plug but hopefully something that will be helpful to some of […]

I don’t have anything deep to share now that I’ve lived the entire first week of 2013. To be honest – I’ve been taking a lot of time for myself lately. Resting, shopping and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been working (late nights even!) but I’ve kept it bala

The holidays are behind us. The year is still new. Have you taken time to get really clear on what you want from 2013? Perhaps you’ve made a list of goals or intentions. Maybe you even go the traditional route of making resolutions. Or maybe you’re like me and you’ve only been eating cheeseburgers

I want to start this out by saying that making your own pasta is exciting and rewarding. It’s also not too complex, especially once you are familiar with it. The pasta dough recipe I included, which originally comes from AllRecipes, is the simplest and most effective recipe I’ve used for dough, too. With al

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Tracy of Good Day Howard! Sacramento seems to be the least loved of California’s big cities. It’s often called a ‘cow town,’ and thought of by those fancy cityfolk as podunk and tiny. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though. Sacramen

Happy New Year, loves! I thought about posting last week and yesterday too but decided to wait until January 1st to post my 3 new things! I started this series to better tackle trying new things and to list goals. There’s something quite daunting about making a resolution for an entire year. We all change