On Intentionality

I had some of our closest friends over for dinner last week. We all turned off our phones before we sat down and we drank wine and laughed until 11pm. It’s something that rarely happens these days. When I find myself in social settings at least half of us have our noses buried in our phones, or watching Youtube videos or zoning out to a movie. It’s easy. It’s typical.

So how does it change for me as a host? (Because I absolutely adore hosting and having others in our home. I get that from my mom.) I think it’s when I become intentional.

It’s when I re-wash the wine glasses so they sparkle.

It’s when I take time out of my work schedule to make chicken parm on zuccini noodles.

It’s when I actually set the table.

Honestly? I’m tired of sitting at my computer for 12 hours. I’m hitting a creative wall. I want to be more intentional in my work. How?

It’s when I set hours.

It’s when I stop wasting time on social media (note: that doesn’t meanĀ stop using social media).

It’s when I start using pencil and paper more often than not.

It’s when I take time to take care of myself, my business and my loved ones so I’m not running on fumes.

December 5, 2012