Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas lovely readers! We’re in Illinois celebrating with my family. There’s something special about your own family traditions, your mom’s cooking and waking up to open presents (yes I’m almost 26) with your siblings and seeing them excited.

I grew up with a few Christmas traditions:

  • We always (and still do) ordered Chinese food on Christmas Eve. My mom never wanted to cook the night before she made a more “traditional” holiday dinner. Excited about that tonight.
  • My mom always baked a coffeecake or monkey bread on Christmas morning. It almost always set off the fire alarm.
  • We received our stockings last. As a kid, I was always sad after all the presents were opened and would get so excited remembering that I probably still had an orange, a pack of gum and some chapstick waiting for me in my stocking. It’s the little things.
  • I faithfully take a nap on the couch every Christmas morning after we eat breakfast. My sister and brother are quite a bit younger than me and so two years ago was the first time we actually woke up after 7am to open gifts.

Do you have any Christmas/holiday traditions? I’m realizing that Adam and I can create our own now. I’m sure a lot of those are created once you have kids but it’s fun to start ours now. It’s fun to take ones we grew up with and mold them into something a bit different.

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  • Despite both my sister and I both being old enough to know the truth about Santa, it’s still a rule at our house that we must believe so there’s always cookies left out on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning we have something from Santa before we open stockings. Then it’s homemade cinnamon rolls and more present wrapping. The goal at our house is to get everything done by dinner time, haha! Hope you have a lovely Christmas Allie! :)

  • merry christmas allison!
    we do a secret santa (within our family of six) every year. we exchange gifts on christmas eve. the presents have to be handmade, and every year we get better. after 10 years of escalating level of complexity and greatness of the presents, i say it has become a competition to see if you can beat past presents. it’s hard! my dad constructed an ice skating ring in the backyard once! secretly! (he covered the windows in the back with newspaper) it’s the highlight of the year ;)

  • Oh my gosh, you get an orange in your stocking too!!!!! You have NO IDEA how happy that makes me. I always did, until this year when I guess my parents forgot? But I got the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet, so I guess things even out. ;)

    • Oh the Urban Decay DEFINITELY evens it out :) That’s so funny because my mom didn’t put an orange in my stocking this year either! Sad!

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