I had a difficult time on Friday after learning about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was 16 when my little sister was in first grade and so my memories of her at that age are quite vivid. I avoided the Internet and news coverage most of the weekend but knew that I couldn’t just post about lipstick or something cute like puppies today on the blog.

Today I’m going to focus on how we can help. I am too blessed and can’t imagine how this holiday season has been completely rocked for these families. I don’t NEED anything and so I want to focus on giving (because let’s be honest – most of us have too much).

HopeMob is crowdfunding with compassion. Pulled from their website:

HopeMob is the only fee-free fundraising platform online. 100% of all funds received will be forwarded to the story owner whether the total amount needed is collected or not.

Their featured staff pick is for those affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Also pulled directly from their site: 100% of what we raise here will go to support families directly affected by this shooting. As we learn of the needs, we will not hold on to your donation, but put it to use right away with emergency support for any healthcare costs, missed work, funeral costs, or any other needs that families may have.

  1. Donate now here on the website.
  2. Rally your children to send cards to the kids, families, and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School. We should also send cards to the first responders – i.e police and medics who first arrived at the school and have had an unimaginably tough time.  We will provide an address for you to send them.  Keep the cards positive and encouraging.
  3. Pray.  If you don’t pray, send good vibes, energy, good thoughts, or whatever. It’s all needed.

If you read my blog regularly – please consider doing this. If you’re like me – you always have extra money to spare. If you don’t – give up eating out this week, getting that caramel macchiato, or skip over something unnecessary. Comment below if you do. Not to brag – but to encourage others to do what you’ve done.

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  • Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking for a way to help. Every year, my coworkers and I do a Christmas gift exchange. Instead of getting them something generic that they may or may not use or like, I’m making a donation in their names. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about, anyway?

  • The kiddos and I generally do a shoe box project thru their preschool, even though we are done with that… We missed it this year as they were sick.

    I think I will have them make notes and cards over break for HopeMob. I am making a donation, because I feel strongly love is strong than hate. It just is. John Lennon is right, Imagine… if we all just stop for a minute and imagine… I know we can do better… We can. We have to.

    • That’s awesome! I also want to write some letters and send them over. We CAN do better. And I have to start with myself.

  • Thanks for posting this. I donated some money this morning to my friend’s local elementary classroom to buy Legos for a project and I couldn’t help but think of the classrooms that are devestated at Sandy Hook. I donated to this cause as well and am happy to know I made a difference to students in Ohio and Conn. Any little bit helps!

    • That’s awesome, Valerie. I think it opened up a whole new thing lacking in my life. I need to give more. I love giving but laziness really gets in the way.

  • everything makes a difference.
    it’s good to see how many people are helping. there is still good. in this messed up society, there is still good.
    i also think it is important that everyone talks about it. all bloggers should write a post on it. great job allie!

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