December’s 3 New Things

December is already here but I wouldn’t know it considering today’s high is 69 degrees. (WHAT?) Honestly if it’s never going to snow here in Ohio then I’m out. I need a cold winter! I’m sure not everyone else agrees with me but I’m totally baffled and bummed by this spring-like weather. Oh well, that’s my rant. I feel officially old when I rant about the weather on the internet. On to my 3 new things for December:

  1. Choose, frame and hang artwork in our bedroom: I just got a lot of artwork custom framed for our dining area and it cost $400 (WITH a 60% discount…gaaah) so I’ll be looking for more affordable ways to spruce up our bedroom. I’m thinking of blowing up some Instagram shots or photography of mine and framing it like the photo above (source). Think: standard sizing.
  2. Get creative with our Christmas gift wrapping: I say this every year but I really want to do it this time! I’m thinking simple wrapping paper like the photo above and use ribbon/twine/thread with custom designed tags.
  3. Find the perfect lipstick: I have big lips (I cannot lie) and I’m really, really picky about my lipstick. I’ve tried Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown, MAC and lots of other options but nothing strikes my fancy. I’m going to give NARS a shot (the matte version) and see what I like. I just have this thing where I hate trying on used tubes at Sephora. Totally grosses me out. Recs? (photo source)

So there’s my list. Nothing crazy but I think it will be fun to experiment and share as I check them off. Do you have any goals this month?

Oh and P.S!!! I sent out the Christmas City Swap emails this past weekend. I’ve had lots of you say that you received them but others either notified me that my email went to their spam folder or they didn’t receive it at all (grrr) so comment below if you signed up but didn’t receive your swapee’s information!

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Comments (28)

  • Sounds like you have a creative December ahead! I’d love to hear what “perfect lipstick” you end up with. I’m always searching for my own :).

    P.S. I didn’t get the Christmas City Swap email :(

  • One of these days I will find I can’t wait to hear what you find :)

    Also, no Christmas Swap email for me, either…would you mind resending?

    • I don’t know why it has to be so difficult! I was super disappointed in MAC’s lipstick too.

      Just re-sent your email! Let me know if you don’t get it again.

  • Love the idea about simple wrapping paper! This Etsy store has recycled wrapping paper, twine, and tags:

    I also didn’t get my Christmas Swap email. :(

  • I want to be a creative present wrapper too! The only trouble is that I don’t usually have gifts in time to get all fancy.

    • I feel like I need to since we had our gifts purchased in November. Now they’re just sitting in a closet but I don’t want to procrastinate and just stick them in a bag!

  • My best friend gave me this lipstick ( for my birthday last month and it’s pretty great. The color looks intense in the tube, but it’s a deep, beautiful berry once you’ve put it on. I’ve gotten compliments any time I’ve worn it – and bonus, the color makes your teeth look whiter!

    • Oops, linked the wrong color — it’s actually “Crush 23 – deep reddish plum” that I have and love. :)

    • Ohh thanks Liz! I’ll definitely check it out – and I love that it’s not so expensive!

  • Love that nautical wrapping paper idea! Ps; have you tried Sonia Kashuk’s lipsticks? You can get ’em at Target. They’re my absolute favorite lipsticks right now. I did a little post on them here.

    • Isn’t it cute? I like it too.

      And yes I actually have two of Sonia’s shades. I love the way it feels and goes on but it lasts like 5 minutes for me :(

  • Skip the lipstick and go for a stain. I’ve been using Revlon’s Just Bitten stains for years and would never wear lipstick again. I always have a bunch of them floating around in my bag.

    • I’ve tried 2 stains and just didn’t love it! I’ve tried the Just Bitten and a Benefit stain too. I need to try a few others for sure because I love the concept.

  • i’m really picky about my lipstick, too. it’s actually really embarrassing how many i have accumulated trying to find the perfect one…ha!

    smashbox is the only lipstick i’ve found that i really love so far. i have it in pout and electric pink, which are both really fun shades :) (

    also, if you’re looking for something a little more sheer, clinique’s chubby sticks are pretty wonderful. they don’t stay on very long, but they’re super moist!

    • Haha I totally feel ya on that. I have SO many tubes just sitting around.

      Thanks for the Smashbox suggestion! I use their eyebrow pencil and LOVE it. Will definitely give it a shot. Thanks Rachael!

  • I always love these posts. They inspire me to focus on a few things I’d like to accomplish by the end of the month.

    I’m also totally with you on the lipstick front by the way… my lips are pretty full, so the wrong lipstick, well, just looks even more wrong. I’ve tried all sorts, but Topshop lipsticks are my new faves this season.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • i’m all about the stains. i have tried benefit, revlon, cover girl, stila, and mark so far: mark and stila are my faves. revlon and cover girl were a joke…benefit was just okay.

    i’m keeping our same old technical drawing wrapping paper from last year – but we’re making our own tags this year.

    i’ve been working on our walls as well. so slow…because it’s so expensive. i have been collecting 12 in. square b&w portraits of us that i shot and i plan on hanging them in a grid on one of our small weird walls downstairs. i also just bought a sweet-ass giant pirate ship at goodwill that i’m pretty excited about!! also been thinking a lot about how to incorporate el wire onto the walls.

    • I’ll give Mark and Stila a try. I always want to try Tarte.

      And yes why does framing artwork have to be so dang expensive?? I have a few friends from undergrad who are painters now and so I’m always saving up my pennies to buy their work. It’s pretty fun.

  • Teresa Jordan

    I’m looking forward to seeing if you find the perfect lipstick. The seemingly endless search for my ideal bright red for the holiday season has led me to Lime Crime. Apparently the opaque lipsticks have great pigment.

    Also, I didn’t receive my City Swap email :-(

  • Hi Allison!

    I signed up but never received an email and I checked my spam folders. Let me know :)


  • Love the wrapping paper idea! DJ wrapped presents in brown paper and twine and i think a holly leaf or a little evergreen branch one year…he’s got quite a few hidden talents! ;) and I’ve always wanted to do something like that instead of just regular old wrapping paper! You may have inspired me to finally try it this year :)

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