Christmas City Swap Success


The Christmas City Swap was SUCH a success and I hope all who participated will get their package today or shortly after Christmas. It was a wonderful way for me to meet lots of new readers and connect you all with each other. I loved getting emails from those who were excited and seeing the photos of all the packages. I received about 45 photos (pictured below) but we had over 80 participants!


I hope that I can host another swap around Valentine’s Day – how fun would it be to get some gifts on such a commercialized holiday?? I want to continue encouraging buying local if I do continue with these but would love any feedback you might have! If you participated – what was your favorite part? Any ideas for next swap?

Also, if you don’t receive your package by January 2nd, please feel free to contact me and I’ll email your gift giver. Merry Christmas Eve!

*The top photo was what I sent – all bought in my neighborhood Grandview Heights!

December 24, 2012