Christmas City Swap Success


The Christmas City Swap was SUCH a success and I hope all who participated will get their package today or shortly after Christmas. It was a wonderful way for me to meet lots of new readers and connect you all with each other. I loved getting emails from those who were excited and seeing the photos of all the packages. I received about 45 photos (pictured below) but we had over 80 participants!


I hope that I can host another swap around Valentine’s Day – how fun would it be to get some gifts on such a commercialized holiday?? I want to continue encouraging buying local if I do continue with these but would love any feedback you might have! If you participated – what was your favorite part? Any ideas for next swap?

Also, if you don’t receive your package by January 2nd, please feel free to contact me and I’ll email your gift giver. Merry Christmas Eve!

*The top photo was what I sent – all bought in my neighborhood Grandview Heights!

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Comments (28)

  • Ah! So fun!
    PLEASE PLEASE do another one soon! I would love to participate!

  • it was as much fun shopping for this as it was receiving my gift! :D

    i don’t have much feedback, i thought it was pretty perfect.

  • So sad I forgot to join in, next time for sure!!!

  • I absolutely loved the Christmas City Swap! Thank YOU so much for organizing it AND the Grandview Heights gifts. I tweeted the photo of the Parisian gifts I sent but it looks like it didn’t make it into your montage. No matter :) I had a blast participating. Thank you, again!

    • You’re very welcome :) Sorry I didn’t get your photo! I think I only took the ones that were emailed from me but I loved seeing your tweet!!!

  • I enjoyed shopping for my partner so much. I hope she loved my box of goodies! I am totally doing this, if you host one for Valentines!

  • I just heard about this swap from my friend Danielle (above) — I’d love to join in if you do one for Valentine’s Day!

  • I just got mine today and it was worth the wait. I liked how you gave participants the option of what they wanted their budget to be. This evens out what you end up spending and receiving. Will definitely be joining in February! Great Idea

    • I’m so glad you loved what you got! And yes I wanted people to meet the budget so everyone felt like it was worth it! Thanks for the comment, Sofia.

  • I completely forgot to email a picture! I loved doing this though and while I was IN LINE to ship my box, I thought of a whole, new slew of ideas and wanted to kick myself for not thinking earlier! Ha…so I guess I will have to wait for V-day next time around! :)

    I also liked that you encouraged us to set a budget and kept it within the U.S. One time, I did a blog gift swap and was partnered w/ someone from another country. Due to the expense, neither one of us ended up sending packages.

    Sounds like everyone had a great time! :)

    • Yes! I love that and I’ll definitely be doing one for Valentine’s Day too. Thanks for participating, Holly!

  • Marissa

    My picture didn’t make it into your shots, but I loved participating! I had a blast shopping and also getting my package. Thanks!

    • Aw sorry about that! I did miss a few photos since I posted this a bit early. Glad you had fun participating!

  • This was so much fun, thank you for putting it together! Would definitely be interested in other holidays, or even just an anytime kind of thing to be introduced to other bloggers and their local favorites. I actually think it would be even more fun to do it in a random month — I think I could have set a higher budget and put a little more care into my package without the stress of the holidays and family/friends gifts to consider as well. Looking forward to participating in another swap!

    • Good to know! I’m excited about hosting another one!! I do think it was kind of crazy as the holidays approached so it will be cool to host one when it’s a bit more slow.

  • Oh, I didn’t have a chance to email my photos before we left for our trip, but Anita, who sent me a box, was SO overly generous! I was blessed by what I received and the thoughtfulness she put into it. :)

    I’d love to take part of a Valentine’s swap, too!

  • This is such a fantastic idea! I am Jimmy Korte’s cousin Amy and just diving into your wonderful blog!


  • Og my goodness, I came here from The Homesteady and PLEASE do another next year! This Boston girl would loooove to participate!

    Juliette Laura

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