#capturingLIFE: Week 4

The last week of #capturingLIFE! Small amount of submissions this week. Overall, I definitely felt that this challenge was the “easiest” but I also felt that since that lack of difficulty was missing…it wasn’t quite as exciting. I tend to favor the other challenges I’ve hosted where the rules are a bit more strict and the guidelines force people to think about their shot.

Take my shot for example. I consider this one of my “rebel” shots. It’s totally not my usually style. We were driving through the country on our way to Detroit last weekend and these trashy adult bookstores would be the only things lighting up the roads. I snapped a picture of one (all blurry) and realized that sometimes life isn’t pretty. Sometimes it’s really, really tacky but with some editing and the Afterglow app – it can look kind of cool. Oh, technology.

Thanks to all who participated in this challenge! I always love getting to know you all more and taking a look into your lives. Oh and you’ll be receiving an email soon with a survey!

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  • I’m really loving Candace and Lindsey’s pictures this week and honestly, Shannon’s is just too cute! I’m so sad that I missed the last two weeks..the holiday really threw me off. I really did enjoy this challenge – Thank you for hosting :)

  • I think this challenge had a bit of the reverse effect on me. Because the category was so wide open, you are right, I wasn’t focusing on the shot as much. However, it did make me look at pictures I otherwise might have dumped and saw them as truly the little moments in my life. I admit, I didn’t put a ton of effort into the pictures I took during this challenge, but I still learned from it, so thank you!

    • This is so true. While it might be be so specific – I did realize (through other peoples’ submissions) that capturing life looks different for everyone. I love it and I’m glad you learned something too :)

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