Merry Christmas lovely readers! We’re in Illinois celebrating with my family. There’s something special about your own family traditions, your mom’s cooking and waking up to open presents (yes I’m almost 26) with your siblings and seeing them excited. I grew up with a few Christmas tradi

The Christmas City Swap was SUCH a success and I hope all who participated will get their package today or shortly after Christmas. It was a wonderful way for me to meet lots of new readers and connect you all with each other. I loved getting emails from those who were excited and seeing the […]

I am SO excited about this giveaway for many, many reasons. First of all, you should all know that one of my huge life goals is to become an art collector. I mean, obviously, I’m not going to be buying a Rothko anytime soon but I love buying artwork from talented artists (no matter how […]

Today’s HERE WE GO post is a short interview with Adproval founder, Matthew Anderson! Adproval is an easy way to manage and sell your ad space directly to sponsors you approve. Learn more here: How did Adproval begin? Were you involved in the blogging community beforehand? I have been off and on with my o

Our friends got their puppy this past weekend and I basically melted every time I saw her. HOW CUTE IS SHE? Her name is Stella. Light posting today but thought I’d share some of my favorite things lately: NARS Matte Lipstick – I FOUND THE ONE! My favorite. Can’t wait to try new shades. Quit [&

I had a difficult time on Friday after learning about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was 16 when my little sister was in first grade and so my memories of her at that age are quite vivid. I avoided the Internet and news coverage most of the weekend but knew that I couldn’t […]

Adam and I spent most of the week working in Chicago. I grew up in Illinois and despite visiting cities like New York City and London – Chicago is still my favorite. It’s where my family and friends are – the ones closest to my heart. Oh and the Bulls (go Scottie Pippen!). Some highlights: [&h

Today’s city guide is brought to you by Elena who blogs over at Randomly Happy! It’s no wonder that Rome is such a classic travel destination. It’s got everything you could possibly want in a city – history, beautiful old buildings, amazing food, colourful street life. All squeezed in

Last night I attended the last Paging Columbus event of 2012 at the OSU Urban Arts Space and was honored to be a part of the panel! Alongside Kaitlin Sockman (of Ink & Ivory) and Professor Beth Hewitt (of OSU) – we discussed the Art of Correspondence and how it fits into our culture today. […]

I’m starting a new series called The Columbus Club. My hopes is that over time it will become a “sub-blog” of Be Up & Doing and if I start posting about my lovely city more regularly – it won’t be a part of my main blog feed since I have a lot of readers all […]

I had some of our closest friends over for dinner last week. We all turned off our phones before we sat down and we drank wine and laughed until 11pm. It’s something that rarely happens these days. When I find myself in social settings at least half of us have our noses buried in our […]

The last week of #capturingLIFE! Small amount of submissions this week. Overall, I definitely felt that this challenge was the “easiest” but I also felt that since that lack of difficulty was missing…it wasn’t quite as exciting. I tend to favor the other challenges I’ve hosted wher

December is already here but I wouldn’t know it considering today’s high is 69 degrees. (WHAT?) Honestly if it’s never going to snow here in Ohio then I’m out. I need a cold winter! I’m sure not everyone else agrees with me but I’m totally baffled and bummed by this spring-li