November’s 3 New Things

Hello, November. You are too cold right now. I’m feeling a bit better because I see that the forecast is calling for a high 40’s this weekend which is a lot better than low 30’s (when it really feels like 15 degrees!) I’m just being a baby because I was a bit too spoiled in Jamaica with all that warmth. I’m excited to try three new things this month! I also like how pretty those photos look together! So here we go:

  1. Learn how to make a really good homemade chai tea latte (without the sugar)
  2. VOTE in the presidential election (First time in Ohio! I was an Illinois resident in 2008)
  3. Make a snow globe.

My three things feel a little holiday/festive-like. I really do love having all four seasons here in the Midbest.

Any new, fun things to try out this month? I’d love to hear! Oh and also – I’ve decided to move my first ever¬†Intro to WordPress sessions to January (December was too busy for most) so check it out!¬†

November 1, 2012