[a client photoshoot on Sunday, trying to find a frame for my Friends of Type print: Keep Fresh Stay Rad, cleaning my desk, adding some furniture to our office, snuggling with my pup and our friends’ precious girl]

It was a fabulous weekend but (like always) I’m ready to get back into my weekly routine. When you do what you love, you don’t mind waking up on Monday morning. I titled this post ‘HOUSEKEEPING’ because I have a few things to share with you and didn’t want to create a separate post for each:

  • You can officially begin shooting for the Capture Life November Photo Challenge (aka #capturingLIFE)! I’ve added a big black button to my sidebar so you can submit anytime before next Monday. Click here to see the submission page. As always, feel free to ask a question via comments, contact form or Twitter! Feel free to use this badge on your sidebar and link it to this URL.
  • After much consideration, I’m moving to another hosting company. This was a difficult decision for me because I really do love Eleven2. However – over the past 2 weeks – another customer located on my shared server has been overloading it for all of us causing my site to go down almost daily. I’m not sure if that customer has been suspended but I won’t wait around to see. The thing that is most frustrating is that most hosting companies treat me like I have no idea what is happening. I worked for a hosting company in 2009 and don’t appreciate being treated like I’m just some “dumb girl.” (SIDENOTE: NEVER ASSUME YOUR CLIENTS DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!) I’ll be moving to Media Temple soon. If I referred you to Eleven2 and you’re also having major issues – please email me! I’ll assist you with migration or issues.
  • I finally jumped on the Everlane train! Where have I been!? As I’m building my timeless/classic wardrobe – this site couldn’t have come at a better time. I purchased two of their t-shirts and am so overly impressed with the quality. Something that normally costs $50 – for only $25 or $15. Up next – one of their cashmere sweaters. Feel free to sign up through my rewards link here and see for yourselves!
  • Only 2 spots left in my Intro to WordPress class in January. I am SO excited to be teaching two wonderful ladies about WordPress this winter but would love for two more to join! The session will take place on Google+ Hangouts where I’ll be teaching you how to use WordPress via screensharing, a digital PDF with lots of goodies and Q&A! If you’re interested, check out more info here.
  • LASTLY, if you haven’t already…VOTE tomorrow! I know I don’t get into politics much here on my blog because (well to put it simply) politics suck. But if you live in America, have an opinion about social issues and you DON’T vote – well poo on you.

Check back tomorrow for some details regarding a real life Christmas swap that I’ll be hosting after Thanksgiving!

November 5, 2012