Grain-Free Recipes

I posted this (above) photo on Instagram this past weekend and a lot of you wanted the recipe to my almond flour pizza crust! I’ve been mostly grain-free since August (with the exception of a few stressful weeks) and try to cook grain-free 100% of the time. But dang a girl needs some pizza! So here’s my almond flour pizza crust recipe. Are you ready for this? It’s kind of complicated:

  • 2 cups blanched almond flour (I would only suggest flour from Honeyville or
  • 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil
  • 2 eggs

Booya. That easy. You can combine all together and mix with your hands or fork. It’s NOT like regular wheat flour so what I do is roll it out slowly or use my fingers to spread the crust out on a pizza pan. The grapeseed oil makes it feel a bit “greasy or buttery” so I actually covered my pizza pan with foil just so it was easier to clean up. You can make this crust REALLY thin and it will still hold like a normal pizza. It’s not like most gluten-free crusts where it crumbles apart. I baked it by itself until the edges got a bit brown. Then I took it out and added my toppings! Baked it again until it looked done.

Ta-Da! I made this bacon / gouda / onion / apple pizza that I make every fall/winter. It’s SO good. FYI you can’t tell but that pizza pan is pretty huge and I realized after that I probably could have rolled the crust out even thinner.

A few other great almond flour recipes that I love to make are (all from Elana’s Pantry):

  1. Orange Dark Chocolate Scones
  2. Paleo Bread
  3. Chicken Parmesan

FYI – I am NOT eating a Paleo diet. I eat dairy (NOM cheese) a lot. I just avoid grains + sugar when I cook at home. I adhere to a gluten-free diet when I’m out to eat or at someone’s house. Read about my switch to grain-free eating here.


November 19, 2012