#capturingLIFE: Week 3

Yes!!! I’m back after not blogging for a whole week! Felt so weird but it happens. I am officially switched over to Media Temple and am running on a dedicated virtual server which means I will not experience downtime weekly because of some other shared user. It was getting frustrating – especially now that I’m selling services on my main website.

So here’s week 3 of the #capturingLIFE challenge. A lot less submissions (I’m assuming because of the holiday week) but I love this set. It feels really cohesive. I really love Amanda’s. Hers seems to stand out in the crowd.

I snapped mine during Thanksgiving. Adam’s cousins were sitting on the couch and I loved seeing how much (as a brother and sister) they loved spending time together. It reminded me of my own siblings.

Be sure to submit your LAST photo by this Sunday at 8pm EST. Even if you haven’t participated yet – get yours in!

November 29, 2012