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I’m a fickle person. I change my mind a lot. One minute I want sushi. Then I want pizza. One minute I want to wear cashmere. The next minute I’m in an oversized hoodie. Right now I’m loving winter. Soon I’ll long for spring.

For awhile now, I’ve been a little obsessed with film photography (35mm specifically) but I’m finally getting back into digital. This week I had three photo sessions and really loved the ability to take hundreds of photos, select my favorites and play with editing. I’m sure once it gets warm again, I’ll be pulling out all of my film cameras.

Nothing much else to share today. I’m tired. 

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  • I just have to say that I love your portraits – beautiful work, girl!
    Oh, and I TOTALLY understand the fickleness – I think pregnancy pushed me over the edge on that one…never could settle on a food preference, to sleep or not to sleep, and add in the hormonal swings…whew! My poor husband.

    Out of curiosity…what are your photography packages/pricing running these days? We could use some headshots for our new blog launch and potential for album work in the future and I’m asking around a bit.

    • Thanks Alle!! Haha I can’t imagine getting MORE fickle if I ever get pregnant. My husband will looove that :)

      As for photography sessions – I have various packages that might make sense for a business vs a blogger vs a family and vice versa. Want me to email you?

  • I have SO MUCH respect for photographers who shoot film. You can’t jsut shoot shoot shoot and look for the best frame out of three. You have to be careful with everything. BUT I must say that I do miss shooting film and editing it in the dark room. There’s something quite magical about watching it unfold infront of your eyes. I love it. Maybe that’s why shooting digital is fun too- you can watch things unfold in front of your eyes when you post-process them!

    • I totally agree – and I should remember that shooting film takes patience and a trained eye. I also miss developing in a dark room. I took for granted having one in my high school AND college. Now I’m just left with sending it out.

      But you’re right – processing digital can also be fun. Especially when you have more control.

  • Jessica R

    These portraits are awesome – And I love what you do with editing. Someday, we will be in the same town and I will have you take some for me!

  • Absolutely beautiful pictures! And I’m very similar – one moment I’m sure of what I want, and the next, I’m committed to something else entirely. Lately I’ve been trying to view it as a strength instead of a personality weakness :) xoxo, eliza

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