In the month of October, I went about town chasing off squirrels and collecting acorns to make acorn flour after reading about it on one of my new favorite food blogs. While going through the process of making acorn flour, I learned a lot about how to make it a painless and even a fun […]

Yes!!! I’m back after not blogging for a whole week! Felt so weird but it happens. I am officially switched over to Media Temple and am running on a dedicated virtual server which means I will not experience downtime weekly because of some other shared user. It was getting frustrating – especially

Just wanted you all to know that I haven’t disappeared! I recently transferred to a new hosting account and I’m unable to upload photos right now and so as soon as I can – I will post week 3’s #capturingLIFE post! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. xo, Allie

Today I am thankful for: A supportive husband who can make me laugh at any time A snuggly dog who sleeps in with me on the weekends A successful business The clients who choose to work with me My blog readers Curiosity Almond flour Four seasons (yes, including winter!) Unconditional love from family Our friends

After a whirlwind of travel – our new place is finally starting to feel like home. Light posting + lots of photos this week. Hope you all here in the states are getting to spend time with friends and family. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? We’re headed to Indiana to spend time with Adam&#82

Week 2 of #capturingLIFE! I love this batch. I think Tara’s might be my favorite. It feels full of MORE life than last week (if that’s possible). I took mine during a client shoot – how cute are those girls?? It’s a fun photo challenge this time around because it can be interpreted so di

I posted this (above) photo on Instagram this past weekend and a lot of you wanted the recipe to my almond flour pizza crust! I’ve been mostly grain-free since August (with the exception of a few stressful weeks) and try to cook grain-free 100% of the time. But dang a girl needs some pizza! So […]

We (aka Rachel, Steph and I) hosted our first Let’s Do Brunch event yesterday! It was so lovely meeting local bloggers + share such delicious food. We received such great feedback from those that attended and I’m excited to see how this evolves. A HUGE thanks to Brothers Drake Meadery for opening t

You guys. Life. I’m so, so thankful but so, so tired. I skipped blogging yesterday and was thankful to have a city guide on Wednesday because I just don’t have the same amount of time to blog that I used to. I had to make some major decisions this week. Decisions that were hard (like […]

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Caitlin of Arlington, Virginia! Being the smaller city next to arguably the most powerful city in the free world could be like being the dorky kid sister of a high school rock star.  And yet everyone knows the kid sister is actually awesome in her own quirky [&hell

Here are all the submissions for Week 1 of my #capturingLIFE photo challenge! I loved seeing the variety and how everyone interpreted the concept of capturing life. You can see that some were capturing day-to-day moments and others were more representational. I shot my photo when I was down at Ash Cave this pas

I spent the weekend in Hocking Hills with five of my favorite Columbus ladies. We didn’t have cell service or wifi so we literally talked (LOUDLY) for almost 48 hours straight. Add in lots of wine, a hot tub, cheese and a gorgeous 65 degree weekend and we were quite content. Throughout the weekend, I rem

I’m a fickle person. I change my mind a lot. One minute I want sushi. Then I want pizza. One minute I want to wear cashmere. The next minute I’m in an oversized hoodie. Right now I’m loving winter. Soon I’ll long for spring. For awhile now, I’ve been a little obsessed with film pho

Last night was a big night here in Ohio. As a self-employed female, I saw my vote make a difference. I’m not going to get into politics but Kathleen tweeted this last night and I couldn’t agree more: @andkathleen: Today I vote for change. Tomorrow I’ll continue to vote with my dollar. Buy loca

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m obsessed with Christmas and all things related to winter holidays. I decided to incorporate some of my festive cheer into my blog this year and host the first ever CHRISTMAS CITY SWAP! Inspired by my friend Heather P and her holiday themed craft ideas &#821

[a client photoshoot on Sunday, trying to find a frame for my Friends of Type print: Keep Fresh Stay Rad, cleaning my desk, adding some furniture to our office, snuggling with my pup and our friends’ precious girl] It was a fabulous weekend but (like always) I’m ready to get back into my weekly rou

Hello, November. You are too cold right now. I’m feeling a bit better because I see that the forecast is calling for a high 40’s this weekend which is a lot better than low 30’s (when it really feels like 15 degrees!) I’m just being a baby because I was a bit too spoiled in […]