Overlooked Art Forms: Pottery

While I’m away on vacation – Tori is guesting posting for me today! Enjoy!

Hello again, everyone! So, in case you missed them, thus far in our Meaningful Art series, we’ve talked about how to remember your first home, and some DIY projects that will instantly make your house feel more like a home. Last month, I started off this overlooked art series with a look at textiles, and today, I wanted to take a look at another favorite of mine: pottery.


Pieces of pottery, big or small, can be found in almost every home. Whether it’s a simple vase, or a set of salt and pepper shakers, everyone has at least one piece. You can find almost any simple accessories and necessities for your home in beautiful, ceramic form. Dress up your dinner table with a beautiful set of salt shakers or a pitcher. Don’t let the flowers do all the work, buy a beautiful vase to take on part of the load. This is an accessory that you can spend a lot of money on, but if you are working with a tight budget, vintage is always a great option. I have found some wonderful pieces for cheap that have really helped to make my space more beautiful and classy.

Next month, I’ll share the last in this three part series covering overlooked art forms for your home. Check back in to see what’s up next!

vase, sculpture, bowl, bookends, bowl

October 26, 2012