October’s 3 New Things

I really¬†cannot believe that it’s already October. My goals this month are simple because I’m only at home for 17 of the 31 days. I’ll be speaking Influence in a couple weeks and than taking a tropical week-long vacation with Adam (!!!!!). We’re also be moving this week so my mind is whirling. My three new things:

  1. Master making grain-free bread.
  2. Turn our old bookcase into a cute bar.
  3. Swim in the ocean.

Obviously #3 is a bit obvious but I had to make one easy! I’m excited to decorate our new townhouse and travel but this month you’ll see a bit more guest posts since I’m also going to be juggling the whole “self-employed” thing.

What do you have going on this month? Can you believe next month is NOVEMBER? Ah, 2012, what happened??

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October 1, 2012