Just Keep Swimming

This isn’t a post where I apologize for not blogging in three days. Or where I say that I’m so busy. (Even though I essentially did just say both of those things). I will say, however, that life is moving at a pace that leaves me feeling a bit out of breath // wanting to cry // super blessed all at the same time. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some lovely photos of our new townhouse before it gets super messy (because I’m a slob) and dusty. In a way, I’m ready for a slower pace to return. Tropical vacation countdown: 11 days!!! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. We moved (as you saw from my brief post on Monday) and it left us feeling utterly exhausted and behind on work. I didn’t realize how much I depend on Internet + weekends before this move. We love, love, love our new place. It’s huge and spacious and beautiful.
  2. I just spoke at the Ohio Union yesterday and shared about telling a story through Instagram. I will be posting my presentation via a blog post on Friday! It went really well but I was definitely nervous.
  3. I got new glasses! Nerdin’ it up! My eyesight is getting worse (and has been continually since I was 7) and so I upgraded my frames from Warby Parker. I love them and look exactly like my mom now.
  4. I saw Fiona Apple in concert on Sunday night and she is FLIPPIN’ insane. So amazing and entertaining but dang she is skinny.
  5. A new Mexican restaurant opened a few blocks from our place and it’s everything I’ve been wanting. Shrimp tacos, coconut margaritas and free self-serve chips. We have been there 4 times in the past 7 days!
  6. I’ll be speaking at The Influence Conference this weekend (Saturday morning to be exact) and I leave on Thursday night for Indy. I’ll be speaking about branding and design for small businesses/blogs. I’m excited, nervous and totally need to practice my presentation a million more times. I’ll be sharing that presentation next Tuesday here on my blog!

Phew – so that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you? Anything exciting going on? If you’re going to Influence – let me know and we can meet up!!

*Oh and the title of this post is just a nice little reminder that I just have to keep on keepin’ on. And that Finding Nemo is awesome.

October 10, 2012