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In a week I’ll be heading to Indianapolis to speak at The Influence Conference! I can’t believe how time has flown by and now I’m putting the final touches on my presentation. I’ll be addressing the issues of designing for your online space (which can take many forms: your blog, online shop, website, etc) and how to communicate effectively through your visual brand. I want to share as much as I can within that hour but I also want to address real issues and questions that people have. This blog post is essentially going to help me do that! How can you help? Think of it as a virtual Q&A.

Post your question(s) regarding blog design, branding, or technical website issues below. Maybe you just want recommendations on where to find resources, fonts, or software! Maybe you want tips on how to hire a designer? ASK AWAY. I will then be able to incorporate these questions and answers into my presentation. Once my presentation is finalized, I’ll be sharing a free PDF download with all my tips, resources and advice here on my blog on Tuesday, October 16th!

I appreciate your help in advance – you all are fabulous.

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  • What a great opportunity! I’m going to take your question idea above and run with it:

    My computer doesn’t have photo editing software, so I use Pixlr to jazz up my pictures. Is there a way to upload custom fonts to Pixlr? While it’s a great tool, their font selection is limited. If so, what’s your favorite resource for free fonts?

  • Maybe how to find out how to brand your blog when making the logo and naming it. I know I had a really difficult time naming my blog and trying to come up with a creative header for it. Those are difficult things when just getting started and when rebranding.

    • That’s great to know, Kory! I will definitely go into depth with this subject. Thank you :) Be on the lookout for the PDF with all my thoughts soon!

  • What a great chance to pick your brain.

    I’d be keen to hear what you think will be trending in blog design over the coming year. What do you think will be new in layout, design, content (e.g. I’ve noticed a lot of instagram feeds popping up on sidebars)?

    On the flip side, what would you say makes a blog look dated?

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    • Oh wow that’s a great question, Elena! I will definitely go into this now that you’ve brought it up. The PDF will be available for download on the 16th!

  • I would love to know more about the elements of a good website design: i.e. how many colors should be used? How can you organize it so it’s easy to navigate? What kind of web software should you use (WordPress, Blogger, etc.)?

    I’m so excited to see the final list!

  • Settling on a color palette was the hardest thing for me with my blog re-design. The best thing was to let it sit for a while. Make sure it’s true to all elements of your design aesthetic AND you. Sorry, this was more advice than a question. But maybe offering tips on this would be great! I would have loved having some :)

  • Elena already got my first questions in there. Along with blog design and trends: top fonts, top colors / played out fonts/colors as things to stay away from. :)

  • CANNOT wait to learn from you, Allie! AND finally meet you! :)

    See you so so so soon :)


  • I think my biggest concern regarding branding is how to keep it consistent in design and voice. How is my voice translated through the design of my blog and vice versa?

    Thanks, Allie!

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