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If you know me at all – you know that I like to re-design things a lot. Especially my own. Because, why not? I can! I recently launched my new website where I explain more of what I do (instead of just showing you my work). I’m slowly adding in new work and will only be keeping recent/relevant projects. I looked through my old projects recently and counted over 300 completed projects from the past few years! I’ve been busy.

I’m also extremely excited to be announcing SESSIONSThese will be group or 1-on-1 video/screensharing sessions that you can purchase for yourself or others that might benefit! This idea grew out of a need that I saw popping up within my conversations and emails with readers. Many of you want to begin blogging, expanding your business or need direction when it comes to your visual brand. While I can’t write pages and pages of emails to each and every one of you, I thought I could better address your questions or problems in real time! Through Google+ Hangouts, we can set up a time to work through what you need.

You can visit my shop to read more about each session but just know that it will be a time for you to ask me questions, to get immediate feedback and to share files and your online space directly! My Introduction to Wordpress session is currently discounted to $250 (will eventually be $500) and includes 4 sessions during December. It will the perfect opportunity for you to learn the basics, discover new Wordpress features + become comfortable in the dashboard. Once you sign up, you’ll receive details and a schedule in an email from me.

I’ll also be blogging about design, found typography, tips + advice for those looking to improve their visual brand and sharing case studies! I’m excited to finally commit to a space where I can share my thoughts since most of my day is centered around these very subjects! I’ll be tweeting out about a lot of this stuff and you can subscribe to that blog too if it interests you! Thanks, as always, for all your support!


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  • Congrats on a job well done! The website looks great!

  • Woo! I’ll be checking it all out very shortly on my lunch break, but hooray for new directions, redesigns and exciting new things for you.

  • your so talented allison!! So excited for you, using your gift to help others:) Can’t wait to talk with you about gluten free things:)!!
    Meghan @

  • Diggin the new site, girl! Way to be awesome, as always. :) Cheerin’ for you from Indy!

  • Jessica R

    So excited for this! I have often thought, I wonder if I could pay Allie to just tell me stuff she knows…and here it is! Intro to Wordpress sounds amazing, but no way I will be able to do it in December. Can’t wait for the next none!

    • Good to know it’s something that might be useful for you!! Hopefully I’ll have the Intro to Wordpress class again in Jan/Feb if it’s something people want! Always feel free to suggest other session ideas too!

  • Awesome Allie! I like the sessions idea, what a great way to interact with folks. Haven’t thought about using G+ hangouts though. I did use Skype to chat with clients. I set up a business account on there and used that to connect with people.

    • Thanks Andrea! I’ve had better luck with G+ hangouts vs Skype (especially groups). Skype is another great service, though!

  • So, could I ask you something? Like, would this class help me to move my blogger blog to wordpress? I am somewhat familiar with wordpress already, mainly the dashboard, but am interested in learning how to move, host & design a wordpress site. Would this be the thing for me?

    • Hi Mandie! Good question – if you wanted, I could set up a custom listing for an hour-long session to go over how to move your blog from blogger to wordpress. If it’s something you’d be interested in, we could schedule it!

  • This is such a great idea, and the new site looks fantastic! I was looking through some of your work and noticed that you did some work for a blow dry bar. Steven did the branding for one last year in Houston! Seems like they’re popping up! Have you ever been to one?

    • Thanks Nicole! And yes I’m pretty excited about The Blowout Bar! I’ve never been so it’ll be nice to have one here once they open :)

  • Your design looks great! I feel like keeping a design and not wanting to change it is one of the hardest things for personal projects.

  • Looks SO good, Allie!!!

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