Building a Wardrobe

So back in August, I vowed to take on a 60-day spending freeze. I cheated once and then again on day 50. I figure, “Eh whatever. I lasted 50 days.” Since then, I have shopped but I’ve been focusing on investing in pieces (vs impulsively shopping). During the freeze, I started slowly making a list of things that I want so that I can start saving little by little:

  1. Black pants: I bought a pair of J.Crew’s black toothpick pants and really love how comfortable they are!
  2. Blazers: I found a few that I love and would love to pair them with simple tanks.
  3. A gold watch: I’m eye a Marc Jacobs watch and think I’m going to make the purchase after our vacation.
  4. Black coat: I love a simple, black coat for the winter but I need to figure out the best length for me.
  5. Nude/brown pumps: I have a pair of nude heels that I absolutely love. I thought these brown ones were great too.
  6. A lace dress: I bought this one from F21 for a wedding (picture) and absolutely love it. Cheaper but fits well.

I’ll hopefully be updating my wardrobe list as the months go on. Less frivolous shopping and more investing. *Repeat*

Have you invested in any quality wardrobe additions lately? How has your style changed over the past few years?

October 2, 2012