Almost Beach Time

While many of you are shivering and welcoming in the cool, fall weather…we will be off to a tropical vacation soon! Instead of planning some favorite warm weather outfits…I waited until the last minute and all the stores only have furry hoods and boots for sale. This board is a little bit of what I wish I had purchased before my vacation (thankfully I have a lovely friend who let me borrow her sundresses!) Honestly, a lot of cute stuff is on sale right now so if I had the cash…I might go shopping for NEXT summer.

  1. Tye Dye T Back Maxi Cover Up¬†from Topshop [sold out…sad]
  2. Summer Straw Hat from J.Crew
  3. Coach’s New Skyler sandals
  4. Glitter Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag from F21
  5. MD Solar Sciences Sunscreen from Amazon
  6. Skin Drink by LUSH
  7. Mara Hoffman swimsuit on Net-A-Porter
Do you ever plan special purchases before vacation or do you just use what you have? I always overpack so it’s probably better that I didn’t go shopping!

*Some links above are RewardStyle links so I would receive a small commission if you purchase!

October 18, 2012