A Tropical Retreat

We’re back from a weeklong tropical retreat in Jamaica and I’m still trying to adjust to things like cold weather, computers, and allergies. The trip was exactly what we needed and we won’t be waiting 3 years to vacation again. For the past three years I’ve literally been working non-stop. Evenings. Weekends. Holidays. This was the perfect reward and sort of a slap in the face.

We each got two massages, we read books, we swam, we drank…the list could go on and on.

Oh and we also met Sandy!

The photo above was when Hurricane Sandy was slowly creeping in. Jamaica was under a Hurricane Warning by Tuesday night and we were all confined to our rooms for the next 36 hours. The wind picked up to about 70 mph and holy debris! Our room flooded, the power went out for a bit, we didn’t eat dinner…but we had a blast. I love storms so I was never freaked out. We watched her come in on our balcony, played cards and drank rum.

The two days after the hurricane were hot and sunny all over again. It was hard to watch all the resort staff work tirelessly to clean up our grounds when we knew their homes, children and friends needed them more. Some of them couldn’t even go home and had to stay over at the resort without contacting their family. It broke my heart because when you arrive in Jamaica, they say, “Welcome home.” And it does feel like home. The Jamaican people are so incredibly joyous… it’s contagious.

After a week of no work, no┬áresponsibilities, and no stress…I’ve walked away with ways in which I’m going to bring Jamaica home with me:

  1. Cancel our cable subscription. I couldn’t care less about tv shows after being weeks behind after we moved and vacationed. More time to read or watch documentaries.
  2. Rest one day a week. Probably won’t be the same day every week but it’s needed.
  3. Simplify my life. Adam and I each brought one carry-on each to Jamaica. We only had the necessities and I didn’t find myself wanting more.

How do you feel after you return from vacation? I hope all my East Coast readers stay safe once Sandy arrives!! I swear she’s following me.

October 29, 2012