If you know me at all – you know that I like to re-design things a lot. Especially my own. Because, why not? I can! I recently launched my new website where I explain more of what I do (instead of just showing you my work). I’m slowly adding in new work and will only […]

We’re back from a weeklong tropical retreat in Jamaica and I’m still trying to adjust to things like cold weather, computers, and allergies. The trip was exactly what we needed and we won’t be waiting 3 years to vacation again. For the past three years I’ve literally been working non-sto

While I’m away on vacation – Tori is guesting posting for me today! Enjoy! Hello again, everyone! So, in case you missed them, thus far in our Meaningful Art series, we’ve talked about how to remember your first home, and some DIY projects that will instantly make your house feel more like a

Today the lovely Jessica is guest posting and sharing her knowledge about menu planning! Every good host or hostess knows that the key to a great event is an unforgettable menu.  When I host an event, be it Thanksgiving dinner for the family or a brunch with my girlfriends, I find the menu planning process fa

One of my favorite Columbus residents and fellow designer, Lisa Ragland, is taking us on a tour of our lovely city today. I hope if any of you readers pass through – you’d look me up! Columbus is a wonderful place. Greetings from Columbus, Ohio, capital city, what I like to refer to as the […

While I’m away on vacation – Heather is guesting posting for me today! Enjoy her gorgeous photography + tutorial! Cleopatra is one of the most seductive and mysterious women in all of history, known for her beauty and the ability to seduce two of the most powerful roman men of all time.  It is said

While speaking at The Influence Conference, I was introduced to fashionABLE – a non-profit that works with women who have been exploited due to the effects of poverty. I was incredibly moved by the stories and presentations and I instantly bought a scarf. Each scarf comes with a tag by one of the women th

Last month I posted a “Let’s Talk About You” post and learned SO much about you all. I thought I should do it again and ask YOU questions. Feel free to copy & paste and answer them in the comment section! When you have free time, what do you do?  What was the highlight of […]

While many of you are shivering and welcoming in the cool, fall weather…we will be off to a tropical vacation soon! Instead of planning some favorite warm weather outfits…I waited until the last minute and all the stores only have furry hoods and boots for sale. This board is a little bit of what I

I announced this yesterday on Twitter but I thought it deserved an entire blog post too. A few months ago I met with Steph and Rachel (fellow Columbus bloggers) about creating a blogging community in REAL life here in our lovely city. The idea slowly crept into my head early in 2012 out of a […]

Earlier this year, I was asked by the lovely Hayley Morgan to speak about design at The Influence Conference in Indianapolis. This past weekend – it happened! Speaking is an odd duck…especially as a blogger/designer. I spend most of my days in front of a computer and when I am interacting with peopl

On Wednesday I spoke at the Ohio Union via the AMA/Cement Marketing here in Columbus. I spoke about how I share my story through Instagram and thought I’d post my talk up here on my blog for those that couldn’t attend! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions! Over the years, […]

I thought I would share a few shots of our new place! We absolutely love it and can see ourselves staying here for awhile. All the built in shelves and custom detail really add so much character! After I get my new desk in and set up the office – I’ll post a tour of […]

This isn’t a post where I apologize for not blogging in three days. Or where I say that I’m so busy. (Even though I essentially did just say both of those things). I will say, however, that life is moving at a pace that leaves me feeling a bit out of breath // wanting to […]

We spent the whole weekend moving into our new place and I’m without internet at home until tomorrow! We’re settling in and I love it already! More photos to come soon…

In a week I’ll be heading to Indianapolis to speak at The Influence Conference! I can’t believe how time has flown by and now I’m putting the final touches on my presentation. I’ll be addressing the issues of designing for your online space (which can take many forms: your blog, online

Today’s city guide is brought to you by Cammie Sorensen! Madison is a wonderfully unique town –  in many ways because  we are a fusion town – both the capitol of the state, and home to a Big Ten university.  We are also situated on an isthmus, which simply refers to the fact that we [&helli

So back in August, I vowed to take on a 60-day spending freeze. I cheated once and then again on day 50. I figure, “Eh whatever. I lasted 50 days.” Since then, I have shopped but I’ve been focusing on investing in pieces (vs impulsively shopping). During the freeze, I started slowly making a

I really cannot believe that it’s already October. My goals this month are simple because I’m only at home for 17 of the 31 days. I’ll be speaking Influence in a couple weeks and than taking a tropical week-long vacation with Adam (!!!!!). We’re also be moving this week so my mind is wh