Spending Freeze Update

I have 20 days left of this spending freeze and I’m happy to announce that besides my minor slip up in Chicago last month, I’ve stuck to it! Needless to say, I have big plans to boost our economy after this month is over. I’m definitely going to need to exercise self-control. After not shopping for a month and a half, I’ve realized what exactly I want to spend my money on. I’ve decided to start investing in timeless, classic pieces that might have a bigger price tag (vs shopping cheaply and impulsively). The key word will be investment. I also am going to restrain from buying a lot of new things for our tropical vacation in October. I tend to go wild and buy lots of “summer-like” items before a vacation when – in reality – I just wear my bathing suit + the same dress when we go out. I do, however, plan on getting a shellac manicure! I need to find a good salon around here…

Thankfully, last week I was able to visit a Plato’s Closet and sell a lot of my trendier, name brand clothing that I never wore last fall. They ended up buying everything for $45 (which is a lot compared to what I normally get) and I walked over to Marshall’s to peruse their selection. Since I’ve decided to stop buying cheap pieces of clothing impulsively, I veered towards the purse section. I knew they had a lot of great name brand purses for cheap and spotted a gorgeous Steve Madden satchel!

Originally $100, I feel like I scored a great deal because it only cost $40 and it’s something that I can see using for years. Perfect for the cooler months ahead! I’m also in the process of planning a swap party for the end of the month so I’ll be sure to share how that goes!

Have you scored any great deals lately? I LOVE deals, free shipping, coupons, etc and so feel free to share any tips too. 

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  • That is gorgeous! A great color for you too. I’ve only recently discovered consignment shops. I lament the amount of great stuff I dumped at goodwill, just because I didn’t want to “deal” with it. Now I have a great local shop that buys a bunch of my good stuff that I just didn’t wear, and then I spend the credit at the shop. It feels like a relationship.

    • Thanks Rachael! I agree – I used to drop everything off at Goodwill (which is fine) but lately I’ve enjoyed getting a bit of credit or cash to update my wardrobe!

  • No deals–because like you, we’re embarking on a long, cold, spending freeze. We’re digging ourselves out of law school debt & determined to do it in 2 years–which means uber frugality & no spending on any non-essentials.

  • I love that bag! I’ve seen it around before, and it’s been difficult not to buy it…but I definitely can’t get a new purse now when I just bought a Kate Spade a few months ago (as much as I love that bag, definitely not a shining moment in my “I need to save money” phase…).

    I’m glad your spending freeze is going well! I’m on my own freeze, but it’s much more involuntary. I definitely agree that it’s better to get more classic, nice pieces too, which is what I’m trying to save for at the moment!


    • Ohhh Kate Spade! *swoon* Yes I’ve definitely be on involuntary spending freezes before. But saving feels so good – I sometimes forget that taking time to think about a purchase is so smart.

  • Well done! I usually take things to Goodwill, but have been trying to make time to make the trek to the Plato’s Closet ‘nearby.’ There’s nothing better than getting cash for your unwanted stuff! 20 days in nothing when you’ve already done 40…keep it up!

    • Yes Plato’s isn’t really that close for me either so I made sure I could run errands while I waited for them to assess my stuff. Thanks for the encouragement :)

  • Yay, investment pieces! They’re totally worth it, even if I only have like 10 things in my closet.

    And that bag, as I mentioned, is fantastic.

    • YES! My closet is so empty right now. I’m biting my nails until my spending freeze is up so I can actually wear things this fall HA.

  • I’ve been on an involuntary spending freeze the past 6 months because I just haven’t had any extra cash for shopping! Its killing me haha. That satchel is G O R G E O U S.

    • Thaaanks Liz! Involuntary spending freezes are tough too. I think the hardest part about voluntarily cutting off my spending habits is that I see the money coming in but I must.not.touch.

  • Heather P

    I get my manicures done at Ellie Grandview- with Katie. Love her and them and it lasts and lasts!

  • Oh what a great find! The color is gorgeous, and I just love the pretty herringbone lining!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. Marshall’s, Ross & TJ Maxx have definitely all stepped up their game when it comes to brand-name merchandise! I love finding really good deal :)

    • Thanks Alyssa! It takes a lot for me to buy a purse (I have one in black that I use too). I love Marshall’s!! I’m not familiar with Ross though – looking it up now!

  • That is a great bag & lovely color!! Good job!

  • Jessica R

    Seriously. That bag is LEGIT.

  • ow! I am obsessed with quilted bags! can never get enough of it!
    please visit my blog ok!! thank you! http://bit.ly/P3PVvN

  • I have also resolved to put quality before quantity starting this fall! My plan was to clean out my closet (check), carefully plan out what new items I’d like for fall and set up a purchasing plan! So far so good :) keep us posted on your progess!

    PS: if you want to browse my summer clothes for your trip–come over any time!


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