September New Thing #2

I hosted a swap party with my friend Halle on Wednesday night at a local bar called Double Happiness. They have the coolest lounge up top, serve great drinks and you can even score some Japanese street food (which was delicious). We set everything up in certain areas and let all the ladies browse for the first half hour. It was fun seeing what everyone brought and then decided to take! SO many adorable scarves, jewelry and bottles of polish.

I scored four books (The Girl Who Played with Fire, the first Hunger Games, Player Piano, and Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates) and bottle of navy polish! I would highly suggest hosting a swap if you’re on a spending freeze (even though I cheated again on day 50 of 60…oops). I also know that a lot of women loved attending because they could also get rid of stuff they never used! I’ll be donating all of the extra stuff to Godman Guild and Goodwill!

I only have one more thing to accomplish this month and it’s to put together a short video on my new Canon T2i! Let’s see if I can crank that out this weekend.

September 28, 2012