Heart for Handmade: Creating Your Office Space

Hello sweet readers! My name is Meg and I am the main gal behind the bustling handmade community of 20 Best Twenty. Each month I will be teaming up with the darling Allie of Be Up & Doing to curate brilliant, talented and one of a kind handmade designs from creative minds from all over the globe. Each month will be dedicated to a certain theme and scheme, so since school and work is back in full swing, we knew your desks could be spiced up a bit, just like our own.

Now let’s hop to “Creating Your Office Space!”

How about we start with the goods, meaning the paper goods. There is nothing like a blank notebook or journal to get the creative juices flowing, so I think a fresh moleskine, like the one from Subtle Acts, or this leather bound journal, from Dearest Jackdaw, that you can throw in a bag is an essential to always have around. A simple, sturdy and reliable page marker is something I believe is a “must” as well. And I just love the organic feel to the ones from Miles of Light. Obviously you would need something simple, sleek and sturdy to write with as well, so these natural bark colored pencils from nane Handmade just screamed to me. There is something to be said for “less is more” and I believe that an uncluttered work flow is definitely useful to an entreprenuer and creative spirit.

Now that we have the essentials out of the way – we can get to the good stuff, the design and decor! I love simple design elements paired with bold colors, patterns and textures – this is where you can really let your personality and style shine through in your work environment. So don’t be shy – just always be true to yourself.

First off, I believe an inspiring print can really set the mood for an office space, and I just love this one from Splendid and Sound – all success happens drop by drop! Like I said before, pops of color can really perk a mood and provide positivity throughout a busy work day, so this dazzling bowl from etco would fit the office space perfectly. Since we all hustle and bustle around for our design or freelance jobs, I think that what you tote your precious laptop or iPad in is of utmost importance, so when I found this unique creation from Blackbird and The Owl, I had to snag it. I also love plants, greenery and nature in an office environment, so this concrete pot from Rough Fusion would be the perfect addition to add to a window sill – hopefully you have more of a green thumb than myself! We all know how key lighting is to get your work done, perhaps better yet, to create the perfect atmosphere for early mornings or late nights – so this modern table lamp from Ample Furniture just fits in so well. And finally, as an entreprenuer and constant go-getter (like yourselves), I know how important networking, mingling and connecting with the people you meet everyday is – trust me, I know. That is why when I saw this striking card case from Blackbird and The Owl (just like the laptop case), I knew it would fit in to toss into a bag and hold those all important biz cards!

Whew, can you believe those are all from handmade designers? Sometimes I have to shake myself to remember that great design and brilliant ideas are not just in retail stores, usually the best ones are being created next door.

Note from Allie: Meg will be sharing her heart for handmade every month so take a moment to say hi in the comment section! Oh and be sure to check out my feature over on 20 Best Twenty where I’m giving tips on branding your small business!

September 17, 2012