A Trip Out East

We just spent four days in Pennsylvania/Delaware and I’m a bit sad to be back! Our good friends (and fellow Columbus pals) got married on Sunday in Delaware. We celebrated by dancing the night away alongside them and our other close friends. We also made it to Philadelphia to see my friend Kellyn (who I visited in Nantucket last September) and her best guys, Clay + Ribeye.

I can’t lie – I totally fell hard for that city and I can’t wait to visit again. Now that Adam and I have flexible jobs, we are excitedly planning out the cities that we want to visit over the next year (working at night and exploring during the day).

Everything about the trip was relaxing and inspiring. We checked out The Dandelion (omg best omelete I’ve ever had), Art in the Age (snagged Sage and Rhubarb), Jonathan Adler, window shopped, and got lost too many times.

Are you visiting any new cities soon? How do you plan? Do you get recommendations, use Yelp, or just sort of wing it? 

September 25, 2012