A Trip Out East

We just spent four days in Pennsylvania/Delaware and I’m a bit sad to be back! Our good friends (and fellow Columbus pals) got married on Sunday in Delaware. We celebrated by dancing the night away alongside them and our other close friends. We also made it to Philadelphia to see my friend Kellyn (who I visited in Nantucket last September) and her best guys, Clay + Ribeye.

I can’t lie – I totally fell hard for that city and I can’t wait to visit again. Now that Adam and I have flexible jobs, we are excitedly planning out the cities that we want to visit over the next year (working at night and exploring during the day).

Everything about the trip was relaxing and inspiring. We checked out The Dandelion (omg best omelete I’ve ever had), Art in the Age (snagged Sage and Rhubarb), Jonathan Adler, window shopped, and got lost too many times.

Are you visiting any new cities soon? How do you plan? Do you get recommendations, use Yelp, or just sort of wing it? 

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  • Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and those photos are such a wonderful window into your visit!
    I’m off to Cologne soon, and am already trawling Trip Advisor for ideas and places to see. I’ve been pestering a friend who lived there for tips and tricks that I mightn’t find online.

    • Thanks Fiona! We sure did. I need to check out Trip Advisor sometime. I think I used it to book our tropical vacation and it was very helpful!

  • I visited Philly for the first time this past Spring- I enjoyed it almost as much at NYC… maybe equally. A great city!

  • Loving these beautiful photos, Allison!

    When I travel somewhere new, I usually ask friends for recommendations and hit up Trip Adviser.

  • The chances that Andy and I settle in Philly someday are super high, so you will always have a place to come visit! Isn’t downtown Philadelphia awesome?

    As for traveling, we visited 3 cities in Kentucky this summer to do the Bourbon Trail. Andy figured out all the good distilleries and places to visit by checking out blogs and Trip Advisor and I found some hidden treasures by asking friends, via twitter, who had lived in the area! It was a great trip! Can’t wait to see where you guys visit this year :)

  • Getting lost is half the fun!
    But the place looks amazing.

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