A Farewell to Summer

It looks like today might be one of the last days it will get up close to 80 degrees. I get excited when I look at the forecast and I see mid-60s creeping in on Sunday. While autumn might be on its way…I still have to extend my summer attire into October. Adam and I will be going on a tropical vacation in October and so while you are all packing away your swimsuits, shorts and sandals,  I’m shopping the summer clearance racks!

Havaianas Sandals contacted me last month and let me try out a pair of their Flash Sweet sandals in light golden. They’re the perfect combination of beach flip flops and stylish summer sandals. Most of the sandals that I own are real leather (or they just can’t get wet) and so I was dreading the idea of buying some ugly pair of beach flip flops to wear around on our vacation. These are the perfect solution.

So for now, I have them tucked away with my swimsuits. I’m sure I’ll be so excited to bust them out in late October for a week at the beach.

Do you have any vacation plans for this winter? I’ve actually never gone on vacation during the cold months here (besides Vegas in February). Any tips on buying summer-like clothing once it turns cold? Any favorite sales?

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own! Color is most true in the top photo.

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Comments (12)

  • No vacay plans but I hear you on the fall thing. Even if today is warm I can’t bust out my thin sundresses, but my fall colors are too warm, and in the morning I want chilli and after an afternoon in the park it is hamburgers. I don’t love the time between seasons. I am planning on apple picking and wagon rides and pumpkin patch day trips with the little ones.

    • I totallllly agree about the weirdness between seasons. This AM it was so cold (so I want hot coffee) but I’ll walk out of the studio at 4 and want something iced. I bring a sweater with me everywhere. Ah I love wagon rides/pumpkin patches. Enjoy!

  • Ooh, they are really nice! I might have to buy myself a pair.

    Now for vacation plans… I go mad in London during winter, it’s so dark and miserable that I insist my husband take me somewhere sunny. It’s my 30th next January too, so I’m hoping to visit Thailand for the first time or maybe even Hawaii!

    • Let me know if you do! I think their styles are super cute. Oh and I’m so jealous that you might go to Thailand!!! We are going to Hawaii in March with my family and it’ll be my first time! So excited!

  • Havaianas are so comfy:) When I lived in Argentina everyone wore them! Since I live in Florida now, I am use to wearing summer clothes year round. Tights, boots, blazers, and some skinny jeans, are all i really need for fall and winter. This is both awesome and sad since as born and bred Jersey girl, I love the change of seasons! I’ll be glad to go up north to see my family for Christmas and hopefully it will snow!

    • I love hearing that other people like the brand! It was my first experience with them and I’m a huge fun now. I’m jealous that you don’t experience the bitter cold in Florida but I understand how it would be sad too. Good thing you get to come up north for Christmas!!

  • Oh, I’m not ready for summer to be over yet! I didn’t get to wear a swimsuit ONCE this summer and have been openly complaining about it. I’ve never taken a tropical vacation in winter before, but would love to this year. I love warm weather and am cold all the time except in the summer months here in Oregon!

    • Oh no!! No swimsuit?? I went to our lakehouse once and got to the pool once too but that’s about it. I hope you get a few more hot days!

  • Jessica R

    I really love those sandals – I agree, wearing beach flip flops is just not fun when you want to look nice off the beach as well. I’m super excited for you guys getting to take a vacation – what fun!

  • Luckily for me winter is ending and summer is rearing its sunny face!
    Good idea going somewhere tropical to avoid the winter! I’m planning on extending my summer as well and going to Vietnam :)

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