I hosted a swap party with my friend Halle on Wednesday night at a local bar called Double Happiness. They have the coolest lounge up top, serve great drinks and you can even score some Japanese street food (which was oh.my.gosh delicious). We set everything up in certain areas and let all the ladies browse [&h

One of my 3 new things to try in September was to buy all my produce from farmer’s markets! It’s one of the best new things I’ve decided to do. For the past five years of my life, I would just buy all my produce from the grocery store because it was easier (which isn’t […]

We just spent four days in Pennsylvania/Delaware and I’m a bit sad to be back! Our good friends (and fellow Columbus pals) got married on Sunday in Delaware. We celebrated by dancing the night away alongside them and our other close friends. We also made it to Philadelphia to see my friend Kellyn (who I [

Hello again, friends! So, in case you missed them, thus far in our Meaningful Art series, we’ve talked about how to remember your first home, and some DIY projects that will instantly make your house feel more like a home. Today, I wanted to share one of the most overlooked forms of art for your […

It looks like today might be one of the last days it will get up close to 80 degrees. I get excited when I look at the forecast and I see mid-60s creeping in on Sunday. While autumn might be on its way…I still have to extend my summer attire into October. Adam and I […]

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by Lindsay Mueller! Enjoy! After living in various Brooklyn neighborhoods over the past four years, I can confidently say that Carroll Gardens (and its surrounding neighborhoods) is my favorite. That’s not to imply that the rest of the best borough isn’t to

When I recently stepped into the local farmers market, my eyes were treated to a feast of color. It’s amazing how many different colors—not to mention shapes, sizes, and flavors—there are of tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers, and even carrots. And now that heirloom produce is getting so much atten

We spent the weekend with the Cooks and their adorable pups Violet and Oliver in Indianapolis. Desh (our cockapoo pictured above) is exhausted from playing fetch all weekend but I had to share some of my favorite shots of my furry friends. Violet (picture above) has the cutest little face and the LONGEST eyelas

I had planned on blogging about something else today but just didn’t have the time or energy to compile it all. It was just one of those weeks. Nothing horrible happened. Actually a lot of great things took place. I had two amazing branding strategy sessions with new clients, I got coffee with some of [&h

I have such a not-so-secret love for Instagram. It’s my “happy place” in the social media world. I’ve curated and chosen to follow those that take breathtaking, everyday photos. I tend to use my Instagram feed to share the little moments throughout my day that either make me laugh, smile

I’m a little over a month into freelancing full-time (although I’ve owned my own business since early 2010) and I thought I’d share some of my favorite tools so far. While I love sharing advice + tips to my blog readers, you all must know that I often sit at my desk and think, “Oh [&hell

I have 20 days left of this spending freeze and I’m happy to announce that besides my minor slip up in Chicago last month, I’ve stuck to it! Needless to say, I have big plans to boost our economy after this month is over. I’m definitely going to need to exercise self-control. After not shoppin

For the past four weeks, I’ve been giving up on sugar and grains from my diet and since I share most things here on this blog…I figured I should share this!  I say “giving up on” because I want to give up on being dependent on certain foods (physically and psychologically). Before I get

…Hermani A! Congrats to Hermani from Pretty Please Us! I’ll be in touch with you via email to get your new blog re-design started! Thank you to ALL who entered. If you’re ever interested in a blog re-design, feel free to contact me directly to discuss a collaboration!  

I recently bought this sparkly Nine West makeup bag ($10 at Marshall’s!) after selling a lot of my clothes at Plato’s Closet so I thought it would be fun to share exactly what I keep inside! I keep my makeup pretty simple. It’s never drastic and I like to stick with neutrals. I’m not exa

Another round of Good Goods! This month’s round up is a compilation of things currently on my wishlist so I can’t necessarily attest to whether they’re actually good. Feel free to check out my other Good Goods boards here. I try to limit my “materialistic” posts here on my blog a

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Blake Matthews of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Pittsburgh has come a long way from the days of smog and steel mills.  Today, the city reigns as a cultural and culinary mecca.  With many distinctive neighborhoods each boasting their own attractions and charm, Pittsbur