Thoughts on Sleep

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about productivity. I hear that we should be doing 12 certain things before 9am or that the most successful people begin their day before the sun rises. My thoughts? It makes me roll my eyes. We’re all extremely different. Different personality types, different opinions, different talents…why wouldn’t we be all different when it comes to sleep and sleep schedules?

As Margot Harrington said at WMC Fest: “You can’t innovate if you’re exhausted.”

I am not a morning person. That statement usually implies that I’m lazy and don’t wake up before noon (both aren’t true even though I can sleep til noon on weekends). I am, however, an extremely organized and productive person. Instead of focusing on the fact that I don’t do my best analyzing, thinking or working out in the morning…I’ve been trying to focus on when I AM most efficient based on my energy levels.

Even in college, I would get nagged about how late I would sleep in (after I stayed awake until 5am coding a website). Over the years, I’ve been made to feel guilty but now as an adult I’m just trying to own it. I prioritize sleep and I’ve been making some drastic changes to my diet (more on that later). I’m just trying to be the best me.

Is there anything that our society makes you feel guilty about?

August 24, 2012