Spending Freeze Update

Oops. Totally not a real excuse but I had to admit it. I tweeted it last week while I was in Chicago and I take full responsibility. For what it’s worth…it was only $30 and so I don’t feel quite as bad. The lamest part? I didn’t even try it on so I don’t even know if it fits. Hmm…I need to do that.

Besides that, it hasn’t been TOO tough. It’s the most difficult when I physically go into stores. I bought a few birthday presents for friends a few weeks ago and it sort of helped that I could still purchase something before I left. Here are some tips and ways around those spending cravings:

1. Round up all those clothes you never wear and take them into Plato’s Closet. I took some stuff I never wore and got $10 and then bought a pair of gold knock-off Sperry’s there for $6! Walked out with $4 cash (don’t laugh…I plan on buying a magazine with that!)

2. Sign up through Fab.com and get all your friends & family to sign up and purchase stuff! You get credit when they make their first purchase of $25 or more. I also just got a $10 credit recently because an old order was delayed in shipping. Combined with my $5 credit/month for connecting my Fab account to Facebook…I snagged this laptop case for free! (I’ve been on Fab for a year and have received $245 in credits. FREE STUFF PEOPLE! Sign up here.)

3. Cold brew your coffee. Seriously. If you’re tempted to stop at a Starbucks during these summer mornings…you need to do this. We cold brew now and each have a cold drink tumbler that we take with us if we’re on the go. Spending $2-4 daily on drinks is dumb. (We use this recipe.)

4. Be realistic and budget. Just because I’m on a spending freeze doesn’t mean I sit in my house and drink water all day. We are realistic with our budget and know to allot a realistic amount of money when we have trips, birthday parties, events or weddings to attend! If you budget $0 because you’re “on a spending freeze” you’ll just force yourself into a situation where you will spend money but without a cap.

Well there’s my little update. I’m still 48 days out so I’ll be updating you all again next month! Any other tips from you who have mastered these freezes? 


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  • ahhh LOVE this dress it will be fab on you! Did you ever get nude pumps? If so those would look darling!

    Outfit post maybe? :) :)

  • i tried the spending freeze for a while and did pretty well for a week but then i bought a pair of expensive shoes to reward myself…FAIL

    • HAHA! I totally get it though. I’ve been thinking that since I’m probably saving a TON by not shopping for 2 months…I should probably reward myself with a Michael Kors watch, right?

  • Super cute dress!

    I cold brew coffee using that same recipe, mostly just to save money, but it’s a FAIL when my hubby goes to the bucks to study. ;)

    Oh well. At least I go less often.

    • Ah yes – BUT it’s still cheaper to get an iced coffee or a tea. If I keep that in mind then it’s not so bad but those other drinks can be up to $5!

  • kellylaine

    LOL @ sitting home drinking water!!

    i’m trying to be on a freeze until our move in October, and only pay for nourishment… it was going swimmingly until i was directed to the Lululemon sale page and bought a workout bag. oh, and i got a parking ticket. little things come up, but at least i haven’t wandered into Target! i also found an old Container Store gift card that had $20 on it and purchased a bento box, but the cost was completely covered.

    you’re right though, it’s not as difficult as i thought. next up is cleaning out the drawers and hitting up Plato’s. thanks for the inspiration!

    • Yeah it’s true…those random things come up (like a new dress) and we got a speeding ticket coming home from Chicago. Boo. But you need to keep it in perspective because normally I’d spend way too much money wandering around Target.

      Good luck at Plato’s. They didn’t take my really nice stuff and opted for my cheap F21 stuff that I never wear. Lame.

  • I went on a spending freeze last year for 3 months – if I can do it, you can do it! My inspiration for the freeze was the book “Radical” by David Plaitt. Is it bad that I’ve avoided the book since then?

    Some things that helped me were having clothes/stuff swaps with friends (I’ve gotten some great dresses out of it!) and reading magazines at B&N instead of buying.

    Stay strong!

  • Not letting myself physically go into the stores is huge. That, and, weird as it sounds, watching less TV. I find that when I’m busy with work and my husband and our friends and life around here, I’m noticing the hottest trends less, ha! We just looked at each other the other day and were like, when was the last time we went to a mall? It was April. And when I went the other day, armed with early birthday money, I honestly didn’t want anything. It was like I’d be desensitized.

    BUT that said, the dress you purchased is supercute. And $30? Eh, it’s OK. : )

    • That is so true Shanna! When I’m busy and working hard and saving…I’m less willing to just spend my money on stuff. I think traveling makes me spend money too. When I was in Chicago I was like…ahhhh let’s shop.

  • Great tips! I’ve been cold brewing coffee this summer and love it (using the same recipe)! I also do my best to purge my closet often and take a trip to the Buffalo Exchange and get some cash back!
    PS cute dress :)

  • Do they tell you that you get a $5 credit for connecting your account to Facebook? I just did and it didn’t tell me that.

  • I love this post! That dress is so cute. I’ve never actually tried cold brewing coffee before, but that recipe sounds awesome! I’ve never been good about budgeting, but I’m really hoping to get into the swing of it for fall!

  • I wonder if people have the opposite problem…I grew up such a tight-ass with money. When Mb and I had our first conversations about $$$, I came to the now-humorous realization that my parents sorta acted like we were poorish when we obviously weren’t. So I was like socialized to not spend. Absurd, I know. Could be worse I guess. Mb likes to shop enough for the both of us I supposed. Not to throw her under the bus or anything (sorry doll).

    • Interesting. My mom is frugal. My dad is a spender. I’m a hybrid. I can spend a lot but I think about it carefully and have no problem budgeting and saving. I like the balance but there are times (as a get older) that I shop too much when I’m emotional.

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