Let’s Talk About You

Last weekend I “attended” Blog Brunch and (like always) walked away with so many new ideas. One idea that I loved was trying to learn MORE about your readers. It’s easy for me to just blog puke every day but who just wants that? Here’s the thing, I can’t keep track of every blog that interests me and there are so many times that I interact with people through my blog but never really get to learn more about them! I feel like I know you all by name/avatar but I want to know more!

So here’s my plea: TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF! Below I’ve listed 5 questions. Feel free to copy and paste the list into the comment section and answer them below! I hope to do this once a month.

  1. Where do you live? Be as generic or specific as you want.
  2. What do you do for a living? What are you doing when feel like you’re really living?
  3. You have to move out of your house in 5 minutes. What items do you grab?
  4. What’s one brand that has your loyalty?
  5. Share a link to your blog!

August 7, 2012