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We’ve been at the lake since Friday night and we took today off to continue the fun. Be back with regular posts tomorrow!

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  • These pictures look great! I could definitely get used to living at a lake like that, where I live we had the hottest weekend of the year and there is no lake or sea anywhere near us. Your weekend looks like heaven!

    • It has been SO hot but this weekend was 75 and sunny. Such a treat!! It’s lovely being right on the water.

  • I wanna live in a lake house…or at least visit! Great photos! Looks like a relaxing time for sure :)

  • That looks.. um…. perfect! :) I so desperately want to have a lake vacation one day.

    • You should! Our lakehouse is family owned but they are much more affordable compared to beach house vacations!

  • LaurenKett

    I want to spend my whole life in a lake house.So peaceful!
    A little note and a question: I love your blog and your photos are amazing! And, my question is: Which camera did you use to take these photos? (I’m really interested in technology.) :) :)

    • I used my iPhone 4S to take all those lakehouse photos and then processed them with VSC Cam app on my iPhone too. But I usually share photos here taken with my 35mm film cameras :) Hope that helps!

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