Loving: The opportunities that I’ve had after making the jump into self-employment. I’m learning about video, animation, email marketing, designing infographics and working with really amazing clients. This Monday is my 1-month mark! Maybe a celebration is in order.

Reading: Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro. I’m about halfway through and it really has be thinking about designing to solve problems vs designing for production services. I do believe that there can be a balance (especially when you’re earning your income) but I definitely am thinking. More on that later…

Watching: The Big Bang Theory (always).

Thinking about: I’m about to make some big changes to Show + Tell this weekend. So big that…it might not be called Show + Tell once Tuesday rolls around! I’ve never loved the name and it’s not really tied to my blog URL. Why not? I can do whatever I want! Plus, I want a responsive site. I read a lot of blogs on my iPhone and it’s so annoying when sites aren’t responsive.

Surprised by: Where did the summer go? But, really, I’m giddy for fall.

Making me sad: All the shootings. People need to stop killing each other. For real.

Making me happy: Cuddles with Desh, great conversations with Adam, working in a great studio, seeing my brother today, and dry roasted peanuts.

What are you up to? Feel free to copy this post and share or reply in the comment section! Thanks, Liz, for the inspiration! I’ll be back Tuesday with my 3 New Things for September!

*Photo of my taken by my friend Kevin on my Canon A-1. Excuse the greasy hair :)

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  • I picked up so many great ideas from Design is a Job — thanks for the rec! Even if some of the recommendations aren’t right for my business, it really got me thinking about how I can make things more effective and efficient. And like you, it also got me thinking about how I want to design to solve problems.

    It would totally make my day if Netflix would add Big Bang Theory. I almost always have the TV on for background noise while I work, and that would be perfect. May have to suck it up and buy the DVDs.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I agree, not all issues are applicable to me but it definitely has been a great read already.

      And you should totally get the DVDs. I stinkin love that show!

  • Ugh I want a responsive site too! I’ve looked around at a few themes but meh, nothing is striking me.

    Since we’ve been without TV, I haven’t been able to watch Big Bang in what feels like ages. I love Tuesday evenings when the mini-marathon is on! However being on Mountain Time now, no more mini marathon because they show Conan here at 9pm. Sad Trombone.

    Currently just started reading The Dresdan Files series. Hopefully the books are good!

    • Oh sad!! The Big Bang Theory is way better than Conan! I was watching it last night and seriously laughing out loud.

      I’ll have to look into that book series! Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

  • Can’t wait to see what changes are in store for you! And I love the Big Bang Theory too, but I’m taking a little break since it feels like I’ve seen every episode multiple times :)

    Your post is going up next week too, which I guess is a good thing since I can mention your new name in it!


  • We are birds of a feather — I’m about halfway through Design is a Job too. I’ve gleaned more knowledge from it than any other book I’ve read in a long time. The whole printout is highlighted. :)

  • Love the new site and per usual, I wish we lived closer. Andy and I just finished watching Big Bang Theory. He just bought all the seasons.

  • LOVING: The fact that every day I wake up, there are palm trees right outside my house. Moving out of Indiana was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, even though all my friends and virtually everything I knew were left behind. I do this from time to time, as I’ve lived in Jamaica and South Africa before, but those were always temporary situations, not permanent like this one. Being in a completely different climate and landscape setting has done wonders for my depression, and seeing new sites and meeting new people have been exhilarating.

    READING: C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy. I grew up in the Christian subculture, but not a Christian home. This weird juxtaposition means that some of the more fantasy laden works of this theological giant have slipped through my reading lists over the years. I’m currently going through the first book, Out of the Silent Planet, and if you haven’t read or heard of it before, I highly suggest it. It deals with the idea of other life forms on planets outside of Earth that haven’t experienced The Fall as we know it, and are thus living in a Garden of Eden-esque reality; that is, until a couple of humans from Earth show up and ruin it all. I’m fascinated by the possibility of other life forms within our universe, and how that fits in with my theology.

    WATCHING: Breaking Bad; like every living, breathing human being over the age of 16 should be.

    THINKING ABOUT: What I’m going to do with the community discussion group (not a church group) I started that meets weekly at one of the better coffee shops in the area. My plan is to have us just gather together once a week to discuss all sorts of things, from religion to culture/art, from politics to human sexuality, and so on and so forth. My only real goal in this is to get more acquainted with individuals in my community who really have a passion for engaging dialogue and personal growth. Each week will feature a different topic that one of us might introduce the previous week at the end of our time together. Maybe one of us wants to really tackle a specific subject, and if they provide some materials for the rest of us to think and chew on for the week, we would come together to discuss. Who knows where it goes, but I’m excited; especially since I haven’t really found myself attached to a church out here yet, and the ones I have gone to have been fairly surface level in their theology and cultural awareness. (Snob alert)

    SURPRISED BY: My ability to withstand Phoenix’s torrid temperatures with a car that doesn’t have air conditioning. I’ve made it through the worst of the summer (I think), and I only lost ten pounds of water weight in the process.

    MAKING ME SAD: My depleting bank account due to student loans. If you’re considering going into ministry, give serious consideration to getting a communications/psychology degree at a cheaper university, as opposed to a private Christian university. That is, unless you have awesome scholarships and grants, then by all means, have at it.

    MAKING ME HAPPY: My dog, Deuce. He makes a lot of other people happy as well, but mostly me. A lot of that has to do with the dumb blog I made for him. Because I’m lonely, you see. ( )

    • I’m so glad you responded to these questions, Jared. I really liked reading about your current reads + your community discussion group. Adam and I have always had a desire to form a group like that (and honestly, our friend group operates sort of like this) where we can come together to discuss things bigger than ourselves.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re loving Phoenix. Even though it’s not as far as your move from Indiana…moving to a new city after getting married was the best choice and now I can’t imagine leaving. Nothing has felt more like home.

      Oh and the Deuce Tumblr = amazing.

      • Kinds words, Allison. Thank you.

        I definitely dig the new look and name for your blog. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses in the future. Also, I’m close to finishing the city post.

        Hot damn, bet you never thought that day would come.

        • Thanks Jared! I’m excited to see it evolve, too. As I was redesigning, I tried not to make it as feminine as it is but eventually I had to give in to what I love :) hopefully will be starting a design inspiration blog space soon.

          And I can’t wait to see your guide! No rush though :)

  • Hi Allison!
    I really love the new blog! You are so talented, I could spend hours and hours looking at your beautiful theme! :) I hope you had a great weekend?

    Currently, I am…
    Loving: having a lot of time to read, sleeping with the rain falling outside, freshly brewed Cameroonian tea.

    Reading: Just started Every Last One: A Novel by Anna Quindlen as well as my subscriptions to blogs (like yours).

    Watching: The french version of “Big Brother”. I usually don’t like reality TV, but for some reason, I have been enjoying this show, and can’t miss an episode! Too bad this week is the last week of the 6th season :-/

    Surprised by: My dad’s understanding of my choice of changing my studies, and being supportive.

    Making me sad: Realising that some friends have changed a lot and we have nothing more in common. And despite how hard I tried to put the pieces back between our group, nothing seems to do, and no one wants to give it a go. I guess some things have to change and we must accept that and just move on…

    • Hi Colette :) Ah rainy days while reading books sounds absolutely wonderful. I definitely will check out that novel (I’m always up for adding reads to my list). What did you change your focus to in school?

      And I totally understand with the whole friends thing…this has happened to me a lot since moving on from college. It’s difficult :(

  • Allie, you made a wonderful work here! I like so much the raffinate simplicity, the light and pastel tonalities. Essential but chic!

  • Loving: My little new cat Trilly. I found her two months ago and now we are inseparable.

    Reading: Wuthering Heights…absolutely perfect during fall!

    Watching: Once Upon a Time, waiting for the new season!

    Thinking about: my studies and my future exams, they scare me, but I carry on :)
    Oh and I’m also thinking about your blog restyle…beautiful!

    Surprised by: this lovely autumn atmosphere (I’m an autumn lover)

    Making me sad: thinking about my old dog, I lost him few days ago.

    Making me happy: thinking about fall and all its festivity.

    I like so much this post and I think I’ll take the inspiration for my blog :)

    • I LOVE Wuthering Heights! I visited the Bronte sisters’ home when I was in England and the bluffs were so amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

  • I cant’ wait for Fall either, its my favorite season by far! Love reading other people’s “Currently” posts :)

    ps; Loving your re-design as well. xo

    • It’s my favorite too. But I also think I say that about every season before it begins. Sweating in my car today was not pleasant and I can’t wait for the low 70-degree weather this weekend!

      Oh and thanks, Liz :)

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