August’s New Thing #1: Letter Writing

At the beginning of July, I set forth to accomplish 3 new things and the first thing was to send more letters to friends and family! Well, I only sent out three (during the first three days of freelancing full-time) and then it all went downhill from there. It was a combination of being really busy and also being bored with my stationery. I had intended on designing my own postcards (which I still want to do) but all I had was old stationery that I’ve accumulated over the years. The best part was probably addressing the envelopes and practicing different styles of handwriting!

Last week I connected with Tiny Prints and they offered to send me some of their custom stationery + return address labels and it couldn’t have been better timing! I ordered these cute thank you notes and these fun address labels from Tiny Print‘s site on a Friday (late afternoon) and they were on my doorstep (even after customizing!) the following Wednesday. With this new stationery, I’m a little more excited to start adding to my collection.

I absolutely love the bright colors and even felt like the address labels matched! I can’t wait to thank some people via snail mail now! I’ll be doing another collaboration post with Tiny Prints sometime soon to help introduce some of their holiday cards (and I’m a SUCKER for the holidays so be prepared for excitement).

Oh also, I had to include this picture of Desh. He was sitting on the top of our couch staring at me while I was shooting these pictures. Grumpy much, Desh? Cracks me up. When his hair grows out over his eyes, he looks like he’s frowning. Time to schedule a grooming appointment!

Oh and for those of you who might ask, my nail polish color is RGB’s Punch! Top three photos taken on my iPhone. The rest were taken on my (new) Canon T2i!

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Comments (12)

  • Glad to see you’re gtting on well with your new camera! Great shots and such a CUTE dog :).

  • There’s nothing like new stationery to inspire you to write more! Also, I love those address labels and may need to pick some up before the Christmas card season. Hold me to it—this year I’m sending them out!

    I love gratuitous Desh shots. What are you doing this weekend? Our anniversary is Sunday, but I may be stopping over…

    • Ah I know! New stationery is like a little motivator. As for this weekend, we’re pretty wide open! My brother and his friend are visiting but they are really low maintenance. Sorry I had to cancel this morning. It was a late night :( I’ll text you today!

  • So much adorableness in this post. The cards AND the dog. Love it!

  • I love this stationary! So cute!

    P.S. Desh is such a cutie! What breed is he?

  • Jess Rogers

    Ummmm, that stationary is baller. I got some from minted last year, but I might need some like that this year!!!

  • I have that camera and I LOVE it! I’ve never really tried the video before though- I should do that! And I love the stationery you picked out- too cute!

  • Aaaahh…the love of stationery!!! But I have to confess…Dash is stealing the show today☺

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