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I’ve been trying to visualize the future these past few weeks. Where do I see myself? Where do I see my business going? What are my plans? I have a lot of things that I want to try and experience now that I have a bit more freedom with my schedule and how I make money. I always make lists. Post-it note lists, Moleskine lists, printer paper lists, iPhone notes list…um this is a list? (I have problems.) Here’s a short list of a few things that I want to try now that I’m self-employed (as realistic or dream-like as they are):

  1. Explore the art of videomaking and experiment with cameras and software
  2. Grow my film photography business
  3. Have a home office (and then someday have my own office outside of our home)
  4. Open my eyes to UX/UI design + best practices
  5. Meet some of my blogger friends in real life
  6. Freelance from another city for a week
  7. Financially sponsor WMC Fest in Cleveland
  8. Utilize my design blog regularly
  9. Work with an accountant and pay taxes quarterly
  10. Pull an all-nighter (just kidding)

Anything that I should add to the list? Do you ever make professional goals? What about all you lovely self-employed readers? How do you keep it fresh and new?

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Comments (18)

  • I wish you best of luck! I look forward to updates about your progress [:

  • My husband and I have both been self-employed for the past 8 years, and we love it! I definitely recommend getting a good accountant. Ours has saved us thousands of dollars in taxes by switching around a few things. I didn’t learn about WMC until the weekend it was happening this year, but I am hoping that I can make it next time since I am only a few hours away!

    • Thanks for the advice! I’m definitely in the research phase of finding a good accountant. Anything I should be looking for?

      And yes! WMC Fest is amazing. You must go next year.

  • Great list, Allie! I have no doubt that it will be easier to delve into these new things—like video, more reading on UX/UI, and working from different places—as your schedule becomes more self-directed instead of externally motivated (day job). While work is pretty flexible for me, I do sometimes feel constrained, but I’m trying to ease some of these interests into the day job too (e.g. UX/UI readings to supplement the SEO and social work I normally do). Keep me posted on how video goes—I’ve already promised Amy that I would vlog once! ;)

    • Thanks Jess! Yes I agree. No matter how flexible day jobs can be…it still feels a bit restricted but I hope you can start integrating those things into your work schedule :)

      I’m excited to learn more about video but don’t know if I could ever vlog. I hate seeing myself on camera haha.

  • I always envy how much you (at least seem to) have your shit together and organized. lol

    • Haha! Well it’s pretty much my #1 talent (having my shit together and then making it look like I have my shit together when I really don’t). But you should see my do stuff I’m bad at: all sports, waking up early, cleaning, singing…the list can go on and on. :)

  • Great list! Those are some really powerful goals and I’m sure you’ll feel amazing when you do them. I can totally vouch for meeting blogging friends in person–or even making new friends of bloggers that live near you. I’ve joined a local bloggers’ group and it is so inspirational and fun to talk to other bloggers. I highly encourage you to get together with other people in or near Columbus!

    • That’s so great to hear! I definitely want to try to take smaller trips (personal or business related) these next couple years in order to meet some “Internet” friends but you’re right…I need to do some blogging outreach/events here too!!

  • Jessica R

    I love your list – I think if I was self-employed, I would add ‘Collaborate with a different, but complimentary business to expand into new ventures’ (e.g. The photographer that builds a long term relationship with an event planner or the blogger and the design store, etc.) As long as it doesn’t go past your ‘commercial’ tolerance level, it could be super fun and mutually beneficial!

  • You should join #SSSVEDA :) Just sayin’. Get your video on, ASAP!

  • Here’s a bit of motivation for a home office- you can write it off on your taxes! hoorah!

    i don’t think people really talk about the confusion and struggle of freelancing. I think people don’t like to discuss this vulnerable part of our lives, at least not the freelancers with blogs I know of. It’s good to see this!

    • This! I can’t wait to write all that off! In the past, I haven’t really had that many deductions since I was freelancing on the side. Excited to connect with my future accountant today.

      I hope to write and post about the great and difficult parts of freelancing. I know there are many topics that are not spoken about (insurance, taxes, what to charge) and it’s weird.

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