Midweek Weekend

I think this July 4th was one of the first ones that broke up my work week so obviously. Most of my life I was in school (and off during the summers) and perhaps the past few Independence Days were on weekdays closer to Saturday or Sunday. It really felt like a weekend in the middle of the week! I slept in, drank too much cold brewed coffee, we saw fireworks, ate great food, attended a parade and spent some time soaking our feet in the $15 kiddie pool! Not only was it a HOT “week weekend,” it was extremely fun.

I vote for more week weekends from now on. 

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Comments (12)

  • I feel like every week should be broken up like this! It was definitely much needed!

  • I just realized I sit the exact same way when I’m cross-legged. So weird. Glad we had a chance to hang out during the middle of the week! It’s hard being back in the office today (are you in today too?). I need to stop by and hang out in the kiddie pool!

    • Haha yes the kiddie pool was awesome – we literally just sat in chairs inside the pool. This weekend?

  • I second that vote! *Loved* having the mid-week break.

  • It was bit of an odd holiday break, wasn’t it? But so nice. I third that vote!

    What city were your pictures taken? Love your pictures, they tell a great story.

    • Very odd. I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday!

      The photos were taken downtown Columbus, Ohio (where I live). Glad you liked them :)

  • I looove your nail polish. :-) May I ask the name of it? It’s like it’s a orange/red/pink? All in one? :)

    • Of course! It’s Deborah Lippmann’s shade called Lara’s Theme! I love it. I also want her other shade called Girls Just Want To Have Fun! It’s a cute coral.

  • the ONLY problem is that it makes today oh-so-painful.

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